Saturday, December 01, 2007

Looks like it's going to be a girl after all!

For the last month, we have been looking at boy names, but from yesterday's check up, it looks like it's a girl. (the baby was facing downwards) So back to looking for names... :) I kinda do want another girl, coz although they are a night-mare when they are moody, temperamental teenagers, they are closer to their mummy and daddy when they are older. (aren't we girls?) But then I've never had a sister, so I don't know what's its like to have a sister, are they going to fight over the same guys? 3 hormonal female under the same roof??!!

Wow, it's nearly christmas, we haven't got anyone any chrissy presents yet and we are sooooooo broke!! New house, new furnitures... Yes, I got my 4 posted bed, they kids got their beds from IKEA, so all up for our room, kids room and our bathroom = 12K, over budget... again. BUT............. HOPEFULLY, we might get to move in just b4 Christmas THIS year. :p ( for those of you that don't remember, we were suppose to move in LAST Christmas. )

Will post some pictures of the b4 and after of the house.. soon, gosh I've got so much photos to catch up on... :p Oh and I still have the tag to finish too!