Wednesday, March 26, 2008

6 More Weeks!!

Well.. we are about 6 more weeks away from LABOUR PAIN again!! My gosh am I nervous!! Epidural or no epidural?!!? With our financial state at the moment it looks like we are going without again! :p 500 ringgit can go a long way!! hehehe

So my mother-in-law has confirmed her flight and is flying in the on the 28th April and will be staying with us for 3 weeks!! It's going to be great, to have another pair of hands with the older 2 kids, and have them spend more time with her. My mum will be arriving back here on the 11th of May, so depending on if this one is early or not, she might miss the birth or be there. :) My youngest brother is having his graduation early May in NZ, so that's why my mum is not around for this little one. :)

It's amazing that I can still do the split! after so long, I didn't think I could anymore :p I guess the loose ligaments helps! hehehe Yup.. I fell down AGAIN... No bleeding, baby still moving, so it's all good, except for sore shoulder, knees and bumbum. :) Plus doesn't help when I have been down with a cold, coughing my lungs out everynight and having stuffed nose! BUT the bright side of things is it's giving me time to finally sit down and write a blog after soooooo long!!!! :) And also brush up my sudoku skills! :p I'm so addicted to sudoku!! hehehe

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Colour Up Your Life!


Red is energising & life-giving. Our blood is red and without blood we would not be alive. It follows that red in an excellent colour to wear if you suffer from anaemia. When you feel lethargic, lacking in energy or sluggish, red boosts your energy levels and releases adrenaline into your blood stream. Red is not the colour to wear if you are feeling shy or have the need to fade into the background. It makes you very visible and puts you in the spotlight, often making you feel shyer than before.

If you suffer from poor circulation or have cold hands and feet, try wearing red gloves and socks and you will be surprised at the warming effect they will have. When taking exercise, such as jogging, red helps to energise the muscles by increasing the blood flow, thus giving the body the extra power it needs.


This has many of the same qualities as red, being an energiser and stimulant, but orange stimulates the mind more than the physical body. If you are not enjoying life, wear orange. It will change your attitude to life and make you more vibrant. It helps you to enjoy life to the full. On the physical side, if you suffer from rheumatism or arthritis, orange can help alleviate the aches and pains. So, if you need to stimulate the mind and the body, wear orange.


This colour stimulates the mental powers. It represents the mind and the intellect. Whether at work or at home, if you need mental stimulation, keep a yellow ornament on the desk or have a yellow poster on the wall. This will boost your brainpower and encourage ideas to flow freely. If you want to forget reality for a while when things "get on to of you", and you are feeling stressed, wrap yourself in a yellow blanket, or wear a yellow jumper and your cares will disappear.

On the physical level, yellow alleviates skin complaints such as acne and eczema and loosens stiff joints. Introduce yellow soap, towels and face cloths in your bathroom so that you can start the day with a clear head. We are all aware of the benefits of sunshine and how much better we feel when the sun is shining, therefore, on a cloudy day, bring yellow into your life and you'll feel much better.


This is the central colour of the spectrum and has the other six colours evenly balanced on either side. Likewise, green gives balance in your life. If we look around, Mother Nature provides the earth with balance in the green fields, trees and grass etc. Green is very soothing. How many of us seem to instinctively know when we "need some space"? This is usually because we feel out of balance with the world around us. At times like this it is wonderful to escape to the garden for peace and quiet, or walk in the countryside. To regain our tranquillity. Even sitting down on the lawn makes us feel more relaxed. It brings us down to earth and makes us feel at ease with the world.

Green relieves headaches, reduces nervous tension, helps fight infections and soothes the digestive system. A good tip to remember if you suffer with neuralgia is to hold a piece of green cloth against the painful area. The pain will ease very quickly. In the home, decorate one room in gentle shades of green and you will always have a peaceful, tranquil area to escape to when the weather is too bad to get outside.


Blue is a wonderful healing colour. When you are feeling ill, run down, or need a rest, blue will soothe you, whilst stimulating your immune system. It has strong antiseptic qualities, which can be used in various ways. If you have a sore throat, wrap a blue scarf around your throat or wear a blue high-necked jumper. This will reduce both the pain and the inflammation. With burns, scalds, stings or bruises, by placing a blue cloth or piece of clothing over the affected area, it will heal more quickly. A thought - perhaps bandages should be blue!

For insomnia, blue bed-coverings can help relax the body and induce sleep.


Indigo is for those who suffer from fears and anxiety. It helps to lift depression and relieves mental disorders. Indigo's powerful effect on the mind can help the individual conquer "mind" related problems. We all know the expression "mind over matter". It helps to reinforce the feeling of safety allowing the individual to overcome their fears.

For physical problems such as rheumatism, varicose veins, ulcers and boils, indigo helps alleviate the discomfort and pain. Like blue, it can also aid insomnia, being very calming.


Violet is the most spiritual of all the colours in the spectrum. It aids creativity. If you need to boost your creative energies and inspiration, surround yourself with violet. It will help your talents flow and boost your self-confidence. It is similar to red, but works in a much more subtle way. Violet is wonderful for those who find it difficult to love themselves, or accept love. For those with an inferiority complex or feel they are "not good enough." On the physical side, nervous complaints and scalp disorders, which are usually sparked off by nervous tension, can be eased.

It is not necessary to wear the colour you feel you need. You can add the colour to your surroundings or visualise it when you need to. But remember that everyone can wear every colour in the spectrum; you simply have to choose the shade that is right for you. If you feel really strongly that a colour is definitely not for you, wear it hidden under another piece of clothing.