Wednesday, May 21, 2008

So relieve that she relieved!

WHAT A WEEK!! After 11 hours of being in this world, we took little Keira home... ONLY to take her back to the Doctors the next day as she hasn't peed in more than 24 hours! So she was admitted into our little local Manjung hospital 34 hours into her life, with a case of NPU (Not Passing Urine). They wanted to keep an eye on her, and if need to, they would put a catheter in to help her relieve herself, which we were hoping to avoid..... So.. we waited and waited, and waited. The Peads reckon that she is probably not taking in enough BM to feel up her bladder, as she was a little jaundices too.. so was too tired and sleepy to suckle on the breast.

So by 8 pm, they took out the catheter to try and help her, as it's been more than 40 hours! And just as they were going to do it.. she relieved herself, and mummy. BUT still they kept us over night in the hospital to observe her. I was put in a little room, right in between the feeding room and the reception area, on a little fold out bed, AND no visitors are allowed. Daddies have to leave by 7:30 pm.. CRAZY, I tell you.. and it was only 40 hours ago that I just gave birth, was pretty sore and tired.. The lights were always on,nurses chattering, and had mothers waking pass the end of my bed every 2 hours to feed their babies, and not to forget the other babies crying coz they were under the photo-therapy. I think I got a total of maybe 5 hours of sleep since giving birth!

The next day came around and.. she still hasn't peed since.. the peads wanted to see her pee at least twice b4 discharging her from the hospital... by the time 8 pm rolled around, only 1 little pee.... Mummy was worried, panicking, tired, sore, engorged, and blood pressure was getting pretty high.. Was just totally zoning out by then.. I kinda knew ppl were talking to me, but it sounded like it was coming from the next room kinda thing. It was a pretty weird feeling I tell you. So I had to do it... I had to leave the baby at the hospital and go home, as they won't allow me to take the baby home.. by the time we got home it was about 10:30pm. My breast were so engorged it was rock hard and couldn't express it out at all... THE PAIN! Thank God for cabbage!! That really really helped!! but still had to wake up every 2 hours to express, but still got more sleep then the last 62 hours!

We got back to the hospital the next day and was told that she could have UTI... Good News was... We could take her home, only if we allow them to put the catheter in to get a fresh sample of her urine... so.. after all that avoiding of the catheter, she still had to have it... BUT she was brave and strong, not a peep out of her when they did the procedure.

AND now.. she pees.... a lot!! :) But for 3 days there, she was constipated... think it was all that formula that they feed her while she was at the hospital.. How can they be promoting BF while they provide formula for top up.. It was kinda hard getting her back onto the breast after they spoon feed her... so my breast are sore and still getting use to the pain... She does had a very, very small mouth!!!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Keira Nadine Winn

Well... She is here!!! All 3.1kg of her! Arrived on Sunday, 11 May 2008, at 1:46am!

We have been joking about her waiting for a 10 course meal, thinking she was going to be like her sister and brother, to wait for a 10 course chinese banquet to push her along.... My parents were coming back here from NZ, and even b4 my mum boarded her flight she txted, asking if 'she' was still waiting for the 'meal'. So we actually went to book a 10 course dinner for Mother's day. Little did we know that, 2 hours after we booked the dinner for Mother's day, at 4:30 pm on Saturday the 10th of May, my water broke.

So.. that leaves me time to go shopping for more bath tubs, breast pumps and new born clothes.

Oh, and not to forget my dinner, so instead of a 10 course meal, we had a 2 course meal at FullPan... sashimi and Lamb Rank! Yummy! Yummy... Hey.. got to have energy to push!! :) So once again, my mother-in-law sat thru a dinner with me, timing my contractions, she says it's nothing compared to timing it thru a 10 course meal! :p
And again, right after the dinner, the pain got a little more intense.. so we headed home to take a shower and freshen up a little, put the other 2 kids to sleep and headed for the doctors.

We got to the Doctors at about 10:30 pm... they checked, and it was only 3 cm. Luckily, we called and told the doc earlier, as he was at a party about 15 mins drive away, so he was prepared to rush if he had to. :) He came, checked and still only 3 cm... so he said he will be back about 1am. As we lay there and wait, the pain got a little more intense, but still not very regular... by about 12, the pain, for me was getting unbearable, still irregular thou!! (But then, I do have a very low pain tolerance! :p) By about 12:45am, doc called and ask the nurses to take me to the labour room... AND just then my PAIN was 2 mins apart, I could hardly make it to the labour room! The doctor was in the labour room b4 me, and it takes him 15 mins to get there, and would only take me 15 big steps to get to the same room!
Took me another 10 mins to just get on to the bed! Asked for epidural, doc checked and said it's already 7cm.. no point. Ok then, so I asked for Pathedine, next best thing right? Doc say that would take 15 mins to kick in, try the gas first.. and so I did! I WAS SUCKING IN THE GAS LIKE THERE WAS NO OXYGEN LEFT IN THIS WORLD!!! Jake was worried and doc too, of me over dosing on it! hehehe.. Hell I didn't care! just give me the pain relief! At this point the pain was so intense that I told doc to HURRY IT UP AND GET IT OVER AND DONE WITH! So he said he would put the drips in to help it along, just right after he put the drips in, I told doc, I HAD TO PUSH! Doc says, just wait, don't want me to tear now do we... (The drips didn't even have the chance to go into my system, nor, did the doctor to move from the side of the bed to the bottom of the bed.) I WAS ALREADY SCREAMING!! I just heard doc say, put your screaming energy into pushing girl. So I DID!!! 5 min and 2 pushes later... KEIRA NADINE WINN was OUT! :)
Oh and obviously, she waited till my mum was back from NZ and KLIA to Sitiawan, to come out! Think mum got home at about 1:30am. So.. like her sister, she waited till both grandmothers were there to introduce herself to the world.