Thursday, March 30, 2006

Who do U look Like??

Apperently I look like Jet Li.. There is another picture that matched me up with Jet Li..
Interesting!! hehehe

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Back Again 2 Little Old City-A1

It was wonderful being able to spend some more time with Farah and Jeremy b4 they leave for Bahrain. Thanks so much for putting up with us you guys! You are God send Angels to save us from drowning in this little town! (Mum, we are grateful for all you have done and is still doing for us, but yes, we are drowning here.... )

Genting was ... Much more than what we remembered it as.. Our last trip there was 4 years ago.. b4 Kaitlyn was ever in the picture! And that "Genting" then was... old any dying.. but Now It's amazing!! Or maybe it's becoz we've been living in City A1 for so long that we are "Kampung"(village, small town) people. But we are definitely going back!!! Maybe when my parents are back or when Jacob's Parent's get here.. I think they would like it too, 1. To get away from the Heat, and 2. to spend some time with the kids on the rides. I know Jacob wants to get back up there just to smell the pine trees..

Sigh.. Seems like everytime we drive back from KL now, the more we want to leave City A1. It's great being in Sitiawan, cheap lifestyle, cheap everything.. Except petrol.(RM1.92/l) But being here is not going to get us anywhere..

Right, got to send Kaitlyn up stairs for drawing classes.. She loves drawing and colouring.. and it's only RM40 a month.. Why not?! hehe

Love you Long time!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

WTF ???

Right.. It's been confirm by the Chinese Press that we, Manjung District is in the red zone!! We've got the H5N1 flying around... or should I say dying around.. The weird thing is that, it's no where in The Star except

A spokesman from the department’s hotline said they received a report of seven dead pigeons in Sitiawan, about 88km from here.

Samples have been sent for testing for the deadly H5N1 virus, he said.

- Which was stated on the 20 March..

So.. Who to Believe?????? What are we the people suppose to do ??? Kaitlyn has got a cold, and is coughing away.. should I be worried???

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Bird Flu ??... right on our door step..

They found a few dead pigeons, just 5 mins down the road from our business... It's been send to do more test.. so .. We will know in the next 2 days if we are really hit by it this time..

There have been 2 new cases in Perak, right where we were planning to go, Bukit Merah's Laketown, I've heard great things about the Eco Park, (well.. the now ex-Eco Park, they've had to destroy 239 exotic birds that were kept at the Ecopark.) and the Orang Hutan (Orangutan as the MatSal's call it) Island. So.. Guess we are not going there this coming weekend! :p

So I'm looking at taking the kids to Genting Highlands Resorts to see Mysteria.. Master Illusionist from Las Vages. And hoping to catch Farah and Jeremy b4 they leave for Bahrain... (~~>.<~~)

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Another Sunday @ The Park

The kids love the park just next to our E'n'E Shop.
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Pictures that I liked best are ..

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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Back to City-A-1

It's been a week since our little weekend "Uptown". Things are pretty much back to normal.. What is normal ?? What is Normal for a 29 year old, mother of 2? .. But things are back to it's usual routine definitely, working 9 - 8 pm, poor hubby has still got to teach till 10 pm.

We actually had another "adults" .. No, not that kind of "adult" but you know just another night out with other adults without the kids! It was Cheryl Birthday ( another fellow "local-expat". She is Canadian and her hubby Steve is English?, anyway they have been here in this little town for the past 10 years!) So there was Cheryl, Steve, their niece, (who is going back to Canada this coming Friday), Greg( the other Kiwi), his wife Anna (who is Swedish), Jake and I. We told them about our "weekend", and how we feel trapped, and like we are wasting our life away here. Anna asked a great question then, thou we all have had a few drinks :p. "Why do we feel that we are letting life slip away here?" ... hm... It's great here, the maid, the lifestyle, taking time off when we feel like it, being able to see the kids 24x7, and building our own business... Could it may be becoz we are not earning enough? or maybe becoz we are earning RINGGIT. Becoz when you convert.. There is really nothing left!

We really want to go to another country and experience different culture, different lifestyle.. Jordan and Leen are experiencing it in China, Farah and Jerr will be leaving for Saudi soon (DON't GO!! :p)... So yup. We've decided to apply for a few jobs, in places we both think that we would probably enjoy and earn a little more. Fingers Crossed!!!! Bring on the positive vibes!!! Send it our way!!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Farah's Pool Party!

I had a splashing time!!! It was a Blast!! It was beutiful how she had it set up.. Carpet and pillows on the floor and the tent... Amazing woman that Farah! The BBQ was amazing too! And Don't forget the "Sheesha/shisha" the boys had.. unfortunately I didn't get a chance to try it.. Oh well next time. :)

And the night in town that we had! Qba,
as Tash would put it, we were partying like it was 1999. haha
It's great to have friends like that,
guys.. thanks for such a good time,
we haven't had one of those since .. too long!!!

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Off For Some Civilisation!

We are doing our "civilisation" fix that we normally do every 2 months or so.. Our last trip was 22nd Jan 06, just ChiwiDa and I, for an annual dinner organisied by Cambridge English For Life . So we booked a Junior Suit @ Eastin Hotel. We were also hoping for a good night sleep without the kids! Haha.. The Boss upstairs really has a funny sense of humour! This is supposingly a ...

Eastin Hotel Wins Best 4-Star Business Hotel
- 4 years in a row.
The only night we stayed there... There was a power shortage in the Hotel and ... NO AIR CONDITIONING!!!!!!!! There was current everywhere near there and even just outside the hotel, but not the hotel itself!!! Hello~~ this is the tropics ok?? you need a generator to keep the air-conditioners going, since you can't open any windows either! "I'm sorry but it will take us another 4 hours to get the generator going." BAH~~~ So I didn't get to sleep till 4 in the morning, and we had another meeting in the morning.. So much for a good night's sleep!

So this time, we have decided we are not going to stay with Eastin Hotel again, and found a new Hotel right opposite IKEA, (we got lost in there, that's how big it is!) and right in the middle of the new and happening "The Curve" (a little blog about this 'CURVE") Malaysia's first open air shopping center. So we shall be staying @ Royale Bintang Damansara. This time we are taking the family!

Our main reason for this trip is the meet up with the BabyCenter Malaysia ladies, again. Farah is throwing a pool party. And it's due for our "civilasation" fix.