Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Back Again 2 Little Old City-A1

It was wonderful being able to spend some more time with Farah and Jeremy b4 they leave for Bahrain. Thanks so much for putting up with us you guys! You are God send Angels to save us from drowning in this little town! (Mum, we are grateful for all you have done and is still doing for us, but yes, we are drowning here.... )

Genting was ... Much more than what we remembered it as.. Our last trip there was 4 years ago.. b4 Kaitlyn was ever in the picture! And that "Genting" then was... old any dying.. but Now It's amazing!! Or maybe it's becoz we've been living in City A1 for so long that we are "Kampung"(village, small town) people. But we are definitely going back!!! Maybe when my parents are back or when Jacob's Parent's get here.. I think they would like it too, 1. To get away from the Heat, and 2. to spend some time with the kids on the rides. I know Jacob wants to get back up there just to smell the pine trees..

Sigh.. Seems like everytime we drive back from KL now, the more we want to leave City A1. It's great being in Sitiawan, cheap lifestyle, cheap everything.. Except petrol.(RM1.92/l) But being here is not going to get us anywhere..

Right, got to send Kaitlyn up stairs for drawing classes.. She loves drawing and colouring.. and it's only RM40 a month.. Why not?! hehe

Love you Long time!


MadDog said...

Mmmmm... Pine trees...my favourite... (Homer-style drooling begins now...)

Queen Of The House said...

So you went to Genting? Did the kids have a good time?

Post a pic of Kaitlyn's masterpieces :D

Chiwi said...

Hey Queenie... All the pictures are still in Farah's Camera.. :p Yes the "kids" (Maddog and Jeremy) had a great time! :) And the little ones too! hehehehe