Friday, March 30, 2007

Mawi design

Not that Mawi that you are thinking off.. This is a design Jacob thought of and got an Malaysia artist(Zainal Lazim) to draw it like on Batik Silk. So it's a little bit of Malaysia and a little bit of New Zealand = Ma + Wi :p
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Thursday, March 29, 2007


New Zealand has been trying to pass an 'anti-smacking' bill.. Does the goverment have a right to come into our homes now?? It is said that you are only allowed to smack with 'reasonable force'. Well.. to what measure is this 'reasonable force' ?? I, for one, smack my kids.. I don't 'beat' them, but I do smack them. And when I smack my little boy with the so-called 'reasonable force', he turns around and smiles at me and gives me his other hand. He totally thinks it's a game; it's only when I use a little more 'reasonable force' that he realises that he has done something that he shouldn't have. So at this rate, I guess I'll be in jail every 2nd day ??

Hundreds took time off during lunch today to attend a protest, even politicians! Erm.. is there nothing else to do? No one else to put in jail? And those that know anything about New Zealand jails would have another story to tell!! They get 3 meals a day and dessert, warm beds, satellite tv.. it's like a free vacation!! But anyway.. that's not what I wanna talk about at the moment! :)

<-- I say lift the anti-smacking bill, especially for ppl like this! What a good example of responsible parenting THIS man is... extend the smacking to parents if they misbehave! With 'reasonable force' too!

But on the other hand, some dirty rotten scoundrels have been getting away with beating their kids and using the 'reasonable force' defence. This is abhorrent. Clearly the law needs to define what a smack IS for punishment purposes, and when a child is beaten when an adult loses control of themselves. Countries which have already banned smacking (Sweden did 30 years ago) have not seen the desired effects. The law must also reflect that societies beliefs, albeit without the brutality. Many societies have corporal punishment as a way of life, and is encouraged by government (many asian countries still have canning) and therefore will find a bill such as this completely alien. In New Zealand, smacking has been used as a last resort punishment tactic by parents for generations, and dare I say it, certainly doesn't have some of the major problems of other countries. It's not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but putting children in a position of control over parents is dangerous water.
The necessary punishment must not only fit the crime, but also the child.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Cheap International Calls made Cheaper..

I've just found a really, really cheap international calling card! Now there are no excuses for not calling me ok?!?! :p

Call Malaysia from New Zealand today for as low as NZD 0.049/minute The last card I bought to call Malaysia was NZD 0.12/min, so this one is way cheaper! is something like 2.6cents, don't know if the cents are in pounds or Euro, but either way it's still much more expensive compared to Pingo phone cards are a service of iBasis.

Anna, you can call Sweden for as low as NZD 0.042/minute...

Raquel, here is one for you too discount International philippines calling cards. So those of you that have love ones oversea should really go check it out!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Behind every face is a person and a story

Since we've got back from New Zealand, there hasn't been a dull weekend, we've got to know some really interesting ppl, especially the ladies.... Not that ppl we've meet before are not interesting, they are.!... ok I think I'm starting to dig myself a really deep hole, so before I dig any further.... :)

I always have believed that 'The world is a mirror' - how we see the world and who we are, all depends on what we want to see.. (I picked the picture of the chinese opera mask not knowing that it is called 'Mirrors of the Soul')

Anyway, recently I had the pleasure of meeting a few amazing ladies;
1. This amazing lady has 'survived' her step-father, her brother, her ex-husband, raising a kid on her own and a disease similar to lupus... Most ppl that looks thru this mirror would see a horrible and cruel world, and probably ended up ending their life or in a mental institution somewhere, but not this lady, her glass is still half full! It's amazing what we see in that mirror reflex how we can survive! I had the opportunity to spend 3 days with her, even thou her tummy was not feeling too well, she could still see the beauty of everything and everyone! She pointed out a lot of small things that most ppl would miss and forget to even look for... making me realise that small details are important in the big picture, without all the small details, there IS NO big picture! Thanks Cindy! Thank you for stepping into our lives!!

2. This lady has 'survived' her ex-husband, funnily, lady #1's brother, she is raising her kid(absolutely cute and might I add, very smart kid), her sick mother and her career, all by herself!! She is doing a great job at all of them!

3. This wonderful lady that could change my life forever.. :) Not telling yet.. will do when dreams come true! Do send wishing dust my way thanks!

With all these ladies, it reminded me one thing..

The big boss up there/down here, doesn't give us what we can't handle!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Free Upgrade

Was just talking to Macvay regarding this weekend, as Lin is heading to little old City A1 tonight after work with her little man, her mother and Cindy, so was just asking if the Macvays would like to join us. Unfortunately they can't, Leen is working and Macvay's MUST work on 3-day English programme for MAS stewardesses...... and the lucky guy gets to teach them too. Apparently it's compulsory for the stewardesses to be in their kebaya uniform too.. Honestly, HOW MANY GUYS WOULD KILL FOR THAT JOB?? (I know for sure my Maddog would love to get a JOB like that! ) Hey Jord, if you be really nice, maybe you can even get a free upgrade on your next trip on MAS airline... I know I wouldn't mind a free upgrade anytime for a long haul flight! I've only flown twice on business class! 1st time was with my dad's airpoints, and the 2nd upgrade was from an old friend coz she's got connection! Where would life be without connections huh?

Free Upgrades are great!! There are a few other things that I would love to get upgraded, free would be good too! :)
1, My handphone from a 810i to a 850i, white!
2, My Olympus E-500 to something more professional.. :)
3, My working life to a jet-set lifesyle! hehehe
4, My Mazda Premacy to a Bigger 7 seater car, that's more fuel efficient
5, My body line to Angelina's, definitely her boobies!
6, My Hubby to Jude Law. (I won't mind teaching him Chinese. hehehe)
7, I'm sure I can think of more, but brain dead at the moment.. :)

I know, I know.. I should be thankful and content with what I have, trust me I am, BUT! Hey if it's free, which Malaysian can turn down ar????!!!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Organic - The New Age Trend!??

This post is inspired by none other but our Ms. Footprints. Funnily, I have recently been trying to convert everyone I know to go Organic! :) It is also one of our biggest reason to move down to Hawke's Bay.

Here is why I think Organic is the way to go..

Have you heard of girls having breast at 9 years old ?
Have you heard of girls having their Period at 9 years old?
Have you heard of women having their menopause in their early 30's?

If you think that, that is the norm now a days.. you are right!! BUT that is so sad!! Women use to have kids up to the age of 40+, 50+. The older generation also didn't have their first menstruation till they were at least 14.
Organic food is produced according to certain legally regulated standards. For crops, it means they were grown without the use of conventional pesticides, artificial fertilizers or sewage sludge, and that they were processed without ionizing radiation or food additives. For animals, it means they were reared without the routine use of antibiotics and without the use of growth hormones. Also, at all levels, organic food is produced without the use of genetically modified organisms. - WikiPedia
Yes I know that organic food are more expensive than your mess produced, genetically modified, processed food. And no I'm not rich, I am also on an average salary, LOWER than average even compared to some. BUT I want what's best for my family and I :) What's the point of saving that few dollars and live a shorter life?

I want to know who grows the food my family eat! That is why we want to move down to Hawke's Bay, plus the cost of living is a little cheaper, and of coz it's a bonus that most of the best wineries are there! Hehehe

We had the chance to go to a Farmer's Market while we were down there, it's said that it's one of the biggest in NZ. They had Organic Coffees - Organic Venison Burgers and organic hot dogs on a stick! Yum-yum! And The best of all, things there were all Fair-Trades!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

I'm a Cherry..

Pick a fruit:

1. Orange
2. Apple
3. Banana
4. Coconut
5. Pineapple
6. Mango
7. Cherry
8. Black Grapes
9. Peach
10. Pear

What your choice says about you:

ORANGE - If orange is your favorite fruit, it speaks of a person who has enduring patience and willpower. You like to do things slowly but very thoroughly and are completely undaunted by hard work. You tend to be shy but are reliable and trustworthy friend. You have an aesthetic bent of mind. You select your partner with care and you love with all your heart, not in for just a fling. You avoid conflict at all costs.

APPLE - If apple is your favorite fruit, you are an extravagant, impulsive and outspoken person, often with a bit of a temper. You are are a great organizer, you make a good team leader and are good at taking things forward. You can take quick action in most situations. You enjoy travel immensely. You ooze with charm when you are with your partner. You have an enthusiasm for life, unmatched by most.

BANANA - You are a softy! Loving, gentle, warm and sympathetic by nature is the banana lover. You often lack in self-confidence and are quite timid by nature. People often take advantage of your sweet temperedness, and sheer vulnerability to a situation. You adore your partner in every which way, both for their mental and physical beauty! Because of the way you are, your relationship is always very much in harmony!

COCONUT - The coconut lover is a serious, very thoughtful and contemplative person. Though you enjoy socializing, you are particular about the company you keep. You tend to be stubborn but not necessarily foolhardy. Shrewd, quick-witted and alert, you ensure that you are right
on top of any given scenario, especially at work. You need a partner with brains, and while passion is important it certainly isn't everything for you.

PINEAPPLE - You are quick to decide and even quicker to act. You are brave in asking career changes, if that is what is to your advantage. You have exceptional organizing abilities and are undaunted by the size of the task at hand. You tend to be self reliant, sincere and honest in your dealings with others. Though you are not given to making friends very quickly, but once you do, it is for life. Your partner is often impressed with your sterling qualities but disappointed in your ability to show affection.

MANGO - A mango lover is a personality to reckoned with; quite often, you are a person who has quite fixed ideas, and influencing you is not an easy task. You tend to be an extremist with strong likes and dislikes, and at times even like to control a situation.. You enjoy getting involved in something that presents mental challenge.. Strong as you may be, you are like a kitten when you are with your partner. You accommodate the love of your life, and make up for all the strong will elsewhere!

CHERRY - If cherry is your favorite fruit, life isn't always as sweet for you. You often face ups and downs, particularly professionally, and find that you make small sums of $$$, instead of a lump sum. You have a fertile imagination and are often involved in creative pursuits. You are a very sincere and loyal partner, but find that expressing your feelings is not very easy. Your home is your haven, and you love nothing more than being surrounded by close family and your beloved partner.

BLACK GRAPES - You are a polite person in general, but do have quick flare-ups of temper that cool down just as quickly. You enjoy beauty in all forms, including beautiful people. You are very popular because of your warm, gregarious nature. You have a zest for life; you enjoy
everything you do, right from the way you dress, to your style and your day-to-day life. Your partner must share your zeal and zing for life to enjoy all you have to offer!

PEACH - Like a peach, you enjoy the juice of life and all its lush ripeness! You are the friendly sort, and are quite frank and outspoken, which adds to your charm. You are quick to forgive and forget; and value your friendships highly. You have an independent and ambitious streak in
you that make you a real go-getter. You are the ideal lover, fiery and passionate but sincere and faithful in love. You don't, however, like to display all that passion in public.

PEAR - If you put your mind to something you can do it successfully, but by and large you tend to be fickle and have trouble completing a task with the enthusiasm you started it with. You need to know the results of your efforts almost immediately. You enjoy mental stimulation and love to get into a good discussion! You tend to be a restless and high-strung person and are easily excited. Being happy doesn't mean everything's perfect! It means you've decided to see beyond the imperfections!

Haha.. It's so true.. , and find that you make small sums of $$$, instead of a lump sum. - I work for my dad.. and in Ringgit.. so it's a really small sum of $$$ :) You have a fertile imagination and are often involved in creative pursuits.- I love Photography.. :) You are a very sincere and loyal partner, but find that expressing your feelings is not very easy - my hubby would definitely agree with that. Your home is your haven, and you love nothing more than being surrounded by close family and your beloved partner. - Of coz, why do you think I'm still living with my parents?!?! hahahah

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

6 Weird Things about Myself

As I was reading MacVay's blog, I was hoping not to get tagged, and was thanking the big man up there, but Ms. Footprints was, I was thinking, poor girl, she got tagged, and as I was finishing her list, and looked at the ppl that she's tagged, there is was! ChiwiLand! Bahahahahaha So here it is... I know I will be cracking my brains at this. Thanks Ms Footprints

RULES: People who are tagged should write a blog post of 6 weird things about them as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave a comment that says ‘you are tagged’ in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

Hm.... , 6 weird things..... There is nothing weird about me!!! OR are there?? Wait got to ask my hubby... (he says the weirdess thing about me is that I don't think I'm weird! Well I think everyon is UNIQUE in their own ways! so.. what would one measure one's weirdness against?)

  1. I've always wanted to be an actress. I took acting lessons for a while and did a few monologues and attempted stand-up on open mic nights, hosted by our 'World Famous in NZ' Jeremy Elwood. He was best male comedian for 2002, and has been a nominee since 2000. Yeah ok.. I had a crush on him! :p
  2. I met my husband in a 'Meat-Market'. I've always told myself to never have a relationship with a guy I met at a club. And so.. I went and married a guy from there!
  3. I love scary movies, (no, not the parodies.) But unfortunely my imagination is much better than the directors of the movies! Plus I HEAR most of the movie than watch it! Kn'w wat I mean ?
  4. I have a pendulum. I believe that it's a 2 way street with GOD, and there are signs everywhere if only we open ourselves to it! :)
    Einstein's famous equation, E = MC2, equates energy and matter. All living things are a mixture of energy and matter. Gravity holds matter together; there is a similar force that binds energies together, and pervades the whole universe.

  5. I love reading about other ppl's feeling and thoughts. Thank God for blogs huh?! I wasn't living until there was blogs!!
  6. It's really hard for me to trust anyone! I still don't trust my husband, that's how bad it is! As my husband would tell you, I am every pyschologist's nightmare! They would have a field day with me!
Hey I'm UNIQUE ok?? :p

And those ppl that are also as Unique as I am (Also another excuse to get into their minds):

My Brother DeKiwi
My Sis Gracy
My Hubby Maddog
And YOU! but do tell me where your blog is so I can get into your weirdness! :p

Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Soul of Human Being

During this NZ trip, still can't believe that we've Been and Gone, we've been looking at local arts and decoration for the house, you know to bring a peice of Kiwiland back with us, but it was gonna be too bulky and heavy to have them brought back with us.. We also had the chance to meet quite a few local artists in NZ.

Anyway, it got us thinking, maybe we should be able to meet some Local (Malaysian) artist and support their art, Bali has lots of them so, we assume that Malaysia would have some, so since we've been back we've been trying to look for arts ... BUT ermm... we seem to have a bit of a problem thou... We can't find any!!!!!??? Ok maybe it's becoz we are in a small town, but one would think that in small towns you would have more??? We are going to start encourging our students that are interested and talented in art to bring in their art and we are going to start hanging them up at the school, plus I really love my father-in-law, 'World Famous In New Zealand' Terry Winn's pictures, so I might also get him to send me a few to hang it up.

Funnily, as I was google-ing for local Malaysian artist, I found this... our prime minister has the same idea as we do .. read this. I guess you can say great minds think alike!! Ahem.. hehehehe

But everyone is at a 6 degrees of seperation.. so if any of you out there that are an artist with some Malaysia art, or knows of someone that is, PLEASE send their contacts to me! Very much appreciated!

Friday, March 02, 2007

Wow! What a Trip!

Did the time just sneaked past or what?!?!?! We have already been back in Malaysia now for 2 days!!
The whole trip has been so surreal.. 4 1/2 weeks has gone by just like that!!!

Lets see.. Since my last post;

We went back to Auckland and started shopping!!!! I could actually find nice clothes my size, other than just baggy T-shirts!!! It's not like all Malaysians are skinny there are lots of other girls walking around bigger than me, so why does everything come in such small sizes, I am a size 10 - 12 in NZ, that's the average size, the sizes starts from 8, you get the occasional 6.. BUT in Malaysia, I have to buy like size L or XL ??? Helps a lot with my self-esteem!! NOT! Oh oh and some shops don't even stock L or XL sizes?! And of Coz we caught up with most of our close friends!! We didn't get a chance to catch up with all of them due to the wedding and all the family gatherings.. (Sorry Gina, Andrew, Derek.. and a few others!) But finally got to meet all of Jacob's cousins from Paris and Brighton. They are some cool Chics!! hehehehe :)
We got the kids enrolled in 'Early Childhood Center', we called a few places and all of them had a waiting list of 18 months to 2 years!!!!??? We were lucky to have found a place that was really close to my parent's place, they had a vacancy for 2 days a week until end of Feb, which was just perfect for us!!! They could just fit Caleb in for the mornings because they didn't have a bed for him to nap in(NZD 60/day = RM130). Which was fine by us as well.. Having to had come from 2 maids to NO maids.. anytime away from the kids is REST! hehehe But mind you in saying that we have really enjoyed the time we had spent with the kids!! ALONE!

But really We should have enrolled Jacob as well!

The day Caleb fall in love with trains!
We took the kids the this amazing expo of all the stream trains. They had the most amazing collection of stream trains and old vehicles there!
Even a very very old stream car!! Boy can that thing go!!! Fast and less pollution!! Has our technology really evolved??

They had a really really old Merry-Go-Round, this thing was huge!! They also had a amazing band playing, the oldest of their group, was the keyboard player, he has got to be something like 70+, amazing music too!!

The Wedding was great!! Everyone had a great fun!! Will post the pictures up once I get them from the in-laws. (Unfortunetly we missed a very very close friend's wedding becoz of this one, Sorry Joyce!! Next one, ok next one I'll be there!! :p )

Hawkes Bay was great!! On the way down, we spent a night at Taupo, to break down the trip for the kids, but really, ChiwiDad wanted to spent a night there to look at his mountain! :) It's really only a 5 1/2 hours drive from Auckland to Hawkes Bay(Where you find all the best Wines).
We took a detour to the WhiteBay Lavendar farm, which is always amazing smelling and so relaxing! except you got to watch out for bees... I don't know if it was lucky, that when we went most of the lavendar have been harvested, and therefore not much bees around, or unlucky, we didn't get to see the whole field purple!

Jake's grand parents finally got to see their great grand children, the last time we were there was when Kaitlyn was about 3 months old, so that makes it 4 years ago! It was great seeing them again!

Overall it was a great trip!! but a little tiring, as you can see...