Saturday, March 24, 2007

Behind every face is a person and a story

Since we've got back from New Zealand, there hasn't been a dull weekend, we've got to know some really interesting ppl, especially the ladies.... Not that ppl we've meet before are not interesting, they are.!... ok I think I'm starting to dig myself a really deep hole, so before I dig any further.... :)

I always have believed that 'The world is a mirror' - how we see the world and who we are, all depends on what we want to see.. (I picked the picture of the chinese opera mask not knowing that it is called 'Mirrors of the Soul')

Anyway, recently I had the pleasure of meeting a few amazing ladies;
1. This amazing lady has 'survived' her step-father, her brother, her ex-husband, raising a kid on her own and a disease similar to lupus... Most ppl that looks thru this mirror would see a horrible and cruel world, and probably ended up ending their life or in a mental institution somewhere, but not this lady, her glass is still half full! It's amazing what we see in that mirror reflex how we can survive! I had the opportunity to spend 3 days with her, even thou her tummy was not feeling too well, she could still see the beauty of everything and everyone! She pointed out a lot of small things that most ppl would miss and forget to even look for... making me realise that small details are important in the big picture, without all the small details, there IS NO big picture! Thanks Cindy! Thank you for stepping into our lives!!

2. This lady has 'survived' her ex-husband, funnily, lady #1's brother, she is raising her kid(absolutely cute and might I add, very smart kid), her sick mother and her career, all by herself!! She is doing a great job at all of them!

3. This wonderful lady that could change my life forever.. :) Not telling yet.. will do when dreams come true! Do send wishing dust my way thanks!

With all these ladies, it reminded me one thing..

The big boss up there/down here, doesn't give us what we can't handle!


~Lin~ said...

And you my dear are an amazing lady too!

My memory is repeating a great advice given by you "What you persist, you insist."

I should either change my approach to "What you persist, you resist" ot "Don't persist, live and let go"

Thanks for that great great reminder.

Chiwi said...

Maybe it should be "What you resist, PERSIST!" or even "What you insist, persist!" then there is always "If you persist, you insist!" Hahahaha :)

Simple American said...

If we let God help us we never fall short.

Like this post. Hats off to those ladies. :)

Pink Elle said...

Agreed and whatever that doesn't break us only makes us stronger! :) Amazing women!