Saturday, June 24, 2006

Eurasia - Land Of Fusion

I'm starting a list of blogs for all the friends I know of Fusion Marriages and easy access for those that are thinking about fusion marriages.. (don't go there! hahaha just kidding..)

I think every blogger with a fusion marriage should have a blog about how people view them when they see them holding hands in public (see here).

Where we live, there is a Dock Yard, and a Power Plant that brings in Expats(Europeans), so they tend to have "company" since the wifey is not around. So I get looks, those bad ones, now that I've got lots of baby fat left over from my 2 Chiwis, and more when it's just the two of us. Least with the kids, they know that I'm not one of those "while in Malaysia" kinda girls! :) But in saying that, there are lots of Fusion couples that you see walking everywhere nowadays!

Just this coming weekend we are heading down to Johor Baru to another Fusion Wedding; some close friends of ours (that's what I would like to think we are anyway :p) Mez(Welsh) and Su(M'sia Indian) for a 3 day Wedding!
Just within our circle of friends there are:
1. Amy + Josh (M'sia Chinese + Dutch born in Kiwiland)= Christopher
2. Karen + Ian (Amy's sister + Kiwi) = Liam
3. Farah + Jeremy (Malay + American) = Azam + coming soon
4. Leen + Jordan (Malay + Canadian) = Coming soon (Macvay Junior)
5. Aida + Brad (Malay + American) = Lily + Coming soon
6. Mez + Su (Welsh + M'sian Indian)
7. Emi + Scot (Malay + English) = Daniel + Dylan
8. Aida + Frank (M'sia + Canadian) = Coming soon
9. Jin + Matt (M'sian + Scot)

These are the ones that pop into my mind at the moment, but there are still lots more that are still dating...

Anyway.. Enjoy the new list - eUrAsIa.. Land of Fusion!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

My Parents-In-Law

As some of you know, my father-in-law is a famous photographer in NZ; he has won all the major awards to be won in New Zealand and more; including the prestigious Photokina Portrait Award, presented in Cologne, Germany; the inaugural Trans-Tasman Award between Australia and New Zealand; and the New Zealand Portrait and Wedding Photographer of the year(for quite a few years!); He has an image in an issue of M.I.L.K.; Not long ago, he had an exhibition at Te Papa (which means 'Our Place' in Maori) Musuem in Wellington for New Zealanders who care for someone who has a disability or illness, "Earth Angels"; He became a Fellow of the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography in the shortest time EVER!

They took a few years off not long ago to travel around Europe and were in Bali for a few months. And now they are back in action, conducting seminars, doing mentor programmes and taking family portraits.

Which also means, having less time to come over to visit us.. So I'm hoping to set up some mentor programmes or family portraits here in Malaysia for them to come over and do, to kill 2 birds with one stone. Any ideas on how to get that going?! Maybe some weddings?? :) hehehe since I've got so many weddings to go to! Or anyone that wants their family portraits done by our World Famous in New Zealand, International Photographer, aka Terry Winn, aka my father-in-law. Chance of a life-time! Maybe we can get mate's rates? *wink*wink*! Anything to get them over here to see the kids! hehehe

Friday, June 09, 2006

Vincent's Wedding

Flower Girls

I had the pleasure of taking my first wedding photos, which was my cousin Vincent's wedding... and it was great fun!

Wedding Gifts?
VincentPutting the Bride's shoes onVincent's Wedding
Tea Ceremony

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Rubbing Shoulders..

Jacob and Dad had the pleasure of meeting our dear Prime Minister, "Pak Lah" and our dear Menteri Besar (State Leader). Shaking Hands With thePM

Kaitlyn too met someone really, really special just the other day... He is Big, He is Cuddly and He is Purple!!! And she met Baby Bob, and BJ too!! She got to hug and shake hands with them! She was star-struck!!