Thursday, August 20, 2009

Aunty D!!

So now it's official, I'm Aunty D! :)

My brother's wife just gave birth to a little cutie yesterday afternoon. And I was out in the waiting room waiting, and I'll have to say I still win for the loudest screamer in the delivery room. :p

I am now in my 13th week. Went for a scan last week and this little one was moving around and around through out the whole 5 mins scan! ACTIVE baby??? I hope not!!!!!! I'm praying for a quieter one! For far, they have been coming out MORE active than the last!

And the thing about terrible 2's ??!! It is nothing compared to the Formidable 4s!!! My son had decided to trash the house by filling his youngest sister's nappies with water and bombing the house with it!! The kids have pretty much been home since this A(H1N1) thing has gotten bad with 200 over cases a day and 7 deaths a day in Malaysia alone! So.. I guess they got really bored! And so the whole house was flooded with water!

4 kids?!?!!?! WHAT am I going to do with 4 kids?!?!?!

Thursday, July 09, 2009

5 weeks.

And so.... Here we go again! Round 4. I've been waiting for my mens to come. And nothing... So while I was in the car a week ago I felt a little sick n the arlams went off!! The increase in appetite now makes sense. Coz 2 hours later we were sitting with 2 lines starring at us!!

Till yesterday it was still just really bad after taste that was driving me crazy. Today, everything Is driving me crazy. N it's dear hubby's birthday too, poor him, he has to put up with all my hormones n hunger!! At the rate I'm going at the moment, I am so going to end up like a whale!! Contantly hungry!!! And i'M craving meat!! So could this be a boy??!! As I craved hot chocolate with the girls.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Blogging through my iPhone.

So I finally found an app that I can blog from my phone. So I'm hoping this would help with keeping my blog alive. Too bad I'll need to pay for the full version to be able to post pictures. Will need to keep searching for a new free app that is able to do that! ;)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's been just more than a little while....

Wow... It's been 6 mths since the last update.. it's not that I've been really busy.. and it's not that there isn't anything to update.... I guess with the new hype with Facebook and it's addictive games, I've neglected my blog totally.

But.. I'm going to try to make a come back! So... I'm back blog!!!! :)

I've been sick, one thing after another. 1st I had the sinus thingy, was clogged up for ages.. had to go on the antibiotics to get rid of it, and for those that knows me, I am ANTI- antibiotics! So after that, my face started to break up in little red spots that itches like hell!! Was given antibiotics for that too! and some cream, I reacted to the creams and had a really really red and swollen face for my birthday, like an red monkey's arse!!! sigh... Thank Goodness Farah's hubby knew some Energy Healing techniques, and that relieved me from alot of suffering! :) The MacVey's and the Johnson's came all the way up to Sitiawan and I didn't get a chance to entertaine them properly or take them around to anywhere!! And they don't come up often!!! SORRY GUYS!!

Kaitlyn has started Standard 1 in the local Chinese National Primary School, I don't think she enjoys school much, tons of homework.. pretty much 2 hours of it everyday after school!!! CRAZy! So we are once again in a dilema. We practically have just thrown her in the deep and see if she sinks or swim. We want her to learn chinese, but don't wanna kill her joy of learning.. So do we take her out and change school? But what if the other school is just the same? Ok.. maybe one less language to learn....

Caleb is still Caleb.. he still wants to be a rock star but he doesn't wanna sing in public thou. hehehehe He is still a mummy's boy... so one day his daddy said to him, "Stop being a mummy's boy' and he turn and told his daddy in a matter of fact way. "But, I am mummy's boy." He would still cuddles and kisses mummy, I'm dreading the day when he starts saying 'no'.

Keira is finally started walking at 11 mths, bit slower than her eldest sister, which started walking at 9 1/2 mths and her brother that started walking at 10 1/2 mths) she is one missy I tell you. Maybe becoz she is the youngest so we let her get away with anything and think that it's cute.

My parents in law were suppose to arrive here in another 2 days, but in the end found it not possible, so we are looking at going back for a Christmas in NZ end of this year, at the moment tickets alone are going to cost us around 15k. Where as if we were to miss another Christmas and go in end of Aug it would cost us around 11.5k Really don't know what to do at the moment. It would be the 6th Christmas that we have missed with the NZ family. We were suppose to have alternate Christmases there, but something have always popped up. And now with 5 of us.. it would cost too much for us to go back for Christmas.. 3000 Ringgit can buy a lot of Christmas present! :) Sigh.. Decisions, decisions!!