Sunday, April 29, 2007

He's the Man

While daddy was trying to listen to this funny video clip "He's the man! He's the man!", ChiwiGirl started singing her own version "Hit the Man, Hit the Man"... then later BamBam started his version "Eat, Man, Eat, Man"

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Isn't he adorable!

Mama: Next week we'll be going to Uncle Jacob's place for jalan-jalan.(holiday)


Mama: Yes. We'll see them again. Faaris, since when do they have 4 kids?

Faaris: Mama, MOON!!!

This was a conversation my friend had with her son. My kids calls her 'Mama' and Faaris follows my kids and calls me 'Mummy'. Faaris is such a intelligent little boy, he is only 1 days older than my son, and the talks a lot more than my little boy.

There was once when we all went to a water theme park together, Uncle Jacob(Kiwi) took Kanyn aka CheChe(Chiwi) to the showers b4 heading to the pools, 'Mama'(Malay) was still unpacking stuff, so 'Mummy'(Chinese) took the boys(BamBam(Chiwi) & Faaris(Malican=Malay+American) and followed Uncle Jacob and CheChe to the shower. As 'Mummy' was walking to the shower holding the boys hands( one on each side ), explaining to them that we have to go take a shower first, (pointing to where Daddy and CheChe are) and with CheChe yelling "Mummy! Mummy". We walked past a group of Malay ladies, they were like, "Kembar, kembar, mesti-nya kembar" (Twins, twins, those must be twins!).

While we were at the shower, 'Mama' came over and joined us, of coz Faaris yells "Mama" and then Bambam follows with another "Mama".

Gosh the looks on those ladies faces!!! Priceless!!!

Obviously the first thought that would have ran thru their mind would be 2 wives, which is acceptable if you are a Muslim (think they are allowed up to 4 wives).

BUT IF, you step back and look at the picture again: 1 white man(half naked), 1 Chinese lady(low-cut swimsuit), 1 Malay lady(modestly dressed) and 1 4years old Eurasian girl and 2 2years old Eurasian boys.

Breakdown =
  1. One needs to be a Muslim to marry another Muslim, and as a Muslim, the ladies shouldn't be showing too much skin! So, obviously the 'Mummy' can't be a Muslim.
  2. Both BOYS are the same age. Did the wife and the mistress got pregnant at the same time?
  3. If they are all married to each other, WOW, they are having fun together without killing each other? Who's the first wife then?
Bet those ladies had fun solving the riddle! And lots to gossip about for that week!

The Dehumudifier Solution..

My son (whom was exclusively breastfed for 11 months) would use to get sick every 2nd week, he would have the flu for 8-9 days, recover for 3-4 days and catch another one again. This happened since he was born, and until we got a dehumidifier, it got a little better, and now he seldom gets them anymore(touch wood!). So the dehumidifier must have worked!!

I've just been looking at

On a hot day it's often the humidity that causes most discomfort and stops you from getting a good nights sleep. In these situations, a dehumidifier can help to make you much more comfortable.
It's a great site that explains how a dehumidifier works. The site also teaches you how to choose the Best Residential/Home Dehumidifier For Your Needs , either one for the whole house or small portable dehumidifiers. And when you are looking at purchasing one what features the dehumidifier should have. So over all I think it's a pretty helpful site!

You know what? I think everyone should have a dehumidifier and an air purifier. To do our little part in helping with the pollution and Global Warming. And I think the Govt should really look at building a big enough Dehumidifier/Air Purifier for it's own country, and help the earth too!! That should help! Won't it???

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Women on a mission - Breastic Measures!

For all my friends on my msn list and gmail list.. they know that I've been looking high and low for ways to 'Enhance' my 'Chest'! :)

I've always had small breast, A+, while breastfeeding it did went up to a C, and after 2 pregnancy and two breastfed kids, it's now .... GONE!

So... Yes.. I'm a mission to find ways to NATURALLY, ENHANCE BREASTS! And I've converted my weight lose blog to my new obsession! Breastic Measures!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

6 /hr = 144/day = 52560/yr

Killer Stroke : Six new cases of stroke occur every hour in Malaysia, that is like 52560 ppl a year!!! And ppl as young as early30s!!! I'm turning 30 next week!!! Mama Mia!

"In 2005, 17,909 stroke victims were admitted into government hospitals alone throughout the country. Of these, 3,245 of them were fatal. By 2020, this figure is expected to exceed 25,000 every year."
And it's.... only 2007 the number has already jumped to 52k! With the figure above 3.5 out of 10 dies from the stroke! Are Malaysian really that stressed out? or just plain unhealthy??

Saturday, April 21, 2007

My Little Man..

My little man has just starting doing something that makes me wanna hug him and kiss him and hug him and kiss him.

BamBam throwing his toys at the wall(does all boys go thru this stage of throwing things at the wall and think it's fun? we've never encouraged it!)

Mummy : "Bam Bam, why are you throwing your toys??"

BamBam looks at mummy and goes : "Erm... Bam Bam throw"

Mummy : "Yes, why is BamBam throwing things.."

BamBam picks up the toy that he was throwing : "Erm... Bam Bam throw" and throws it again!

He says "Erm" everytime anyone ask him a question like he is really thinking about it. This afternoon...

Mummy : "BamBam have you seen XYZ (a nut like thing that he has been playing with)?"

BamBam : "Erm... there"

And when he had an accident in his pants

Mummy : "BamBam why didn't you tell mummy you needed to go wee-wee"

BamBam : "Erm... BamBam, wee-wee"

update: Farah was telling me that I uses a lot of "erm.."
Erm... do I really ?? :)

Friday, April 20, 2007

PhotoHunters - Steps

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Need I say more? :p Have a nice weekend!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Google Search : Diana Ling

Oh my goodness!! Look what I found?!?! Ok, I admit I was really bored and thought I would do a search on myself. First on the list!
Book News Archive 2001, October - December
Performers include actors Maria Fiossetti, Cassandra Woodhouse, Diana Ling, Mari Cameron, Gavin Logan, Jessime Mcdougal, Sharlene Ferguson; ...
Look at that!!
Temple: Words and Meaning in Auckland

Outspoken - Words and Meaning is a multi-genre spoken word show featuring actors, poets and singer/songwriters.

Hear from these talented wordsmiths on Wednesday October 3rd at 8pm. The venue is the Temple, 486 Queen Street, Auckland.

Performers include actors Maria Fiossetti, Cassandra Woodhouse, Diana Ling, Mari Cameron, Gavin Logan, Jessime Mcdougal, Sharlene Ferguson; poets Amiee Johnson and Jay Braybrook; and singer/songwriters Andrea Olsen, Gaille Tinihau, Ramon, Joe Elliot, Daniel Loughnan.
TempleBar is the bar that I use to work at(before they torn it down to build more ugly apartments), where most of our regulars were some amazing "World Famous in New Zealand" singers, songwriters, bands, comedians... Karen Hunters; Graham Brazier from 'Hello Sailor'; Stan the Man; Gaile Tinihau; Andrea Olsen; Jeremy Elwood; Benjamin Crelin; Derek Judge... Gosh I miss spending time with those guys..

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Global drowns Polar...Who's next!

Did you know that polar bears have been around for more than 200 thousand years?
Did you know that the polar bear's Latin name is Ursus maritimus — which means "sea bear" ?
Did you know that polar bears are regarded as a marine mammal?
Did you know that polar bears are excellent swimmers, and can even swim more than 60 miles at times?

Why are they drowning then???????

Did you know that polar bears go thru 8 months of pregnancy as well?
Did you know that a female polar bear typically only can have 5 pregnancy in their lifetime?

Sounds like the other species I know.. called the Human Being..

House Details

Terry's Fabric offers this really nice range of Wood Weave Blinds in a choice of 4 colours. This one would suit our room best! Since our room theme is "Balinese". And surprisingly it's not that expensive.. 20 pounds for 180cm.. which is really cheap.. if I am earning pounds! Still it's about RM140, which is still cheaper than what I would have to pay if I were to buy it from Malaysia..

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Attemp at 2000 Comments!

No, not me..
At the moment the most amount of comments should be at around 350 for a post, correct me if I'm wrong! This blog is trying to hit 2000! Good luck! All the best! I'm done my part in helping it along, so if you are bored and have nothing else better to do.. you know where to go.. I would love to see how many would support this blogger. This would be really interesting and fun to do one day for my blog.. when I have more readers........

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Where has my baby gone?

Our little man has gone 2 days without nappies now... He has just decided 2 days ago that he doesn't need it and he doesn't want nappies on! Surprisingly, no accidents at all... Gosh.. he is all so grown up now. He doesn't want to eat either, unless he is feeding himself. Gone that little boy that has to depend on mummy and daddy, here comes the days where everywhere we go, we have to have a few toilet stops for the kids!! haha what joy!

Friday, April 06, 2007

My House, My Castle!

By the time we save enough money to buy a house, we would be paying for a castle!! It's just ridiculous what a house cost in NZ !!

House prices up $2000 a day

Auckland's average house sale price jumped by $60,000 in one month or almost $2000 a day, according to Barfoot & Thompson sales figures.

Houses sold last month for an average $564,162, up from $504,079 in February and $475,461 in January.
~ NZ Herald, Thursday April 05, 2007

Own home just a distant dream for most
A new survey shows mortgage repayments on a house could cost up to three quarters of the average take-home pay.

Central Otago Lakes (104.4 per cent of take-home pay)
Auckland (92.0 per cent)
Northland (78.3 per cent)
~ NZ Herald, Wednesday March 28, 2007

Mortgage alone is enough to kill you! 9.7%!!! Least it's living up to it's meaning of The term mortgage (from Law French, lit. death vow) What are they trying to do?? Kill off the Poor and Working class?? But wait, they support the poor, so really they just want to get rid of the working class, right??

Photo Hunter : Clean

It is a great way to get clean isn't it?

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Chandeliers Create Drama Throughout the Home

Well.. the house is in it's finally stages.. so I've been looking at some lightings...
I like this ... It's nice, but I think it's more a 'fashion' thing at the moment, and fashion 'comes and goes'... so... got to look for something more 'classic'.. like this maybe .. or I also like the crystal ones as well

And what about some Wall Lights for the bathroom that makes you feel like a star??

Long overdued pictures of Lisa's Wedding

Gosh.. It's seems like donkeys ago since we were there...