Thursday, April 26, 2007

Women on a mission - Breastic Measures!

For all my friends on my msn list and gmail list.. they know that I've been looking high and low for ways to 'Enhance' my 'Chest'! :)

I've always had small breast, A+, while breastfeeding it did went up to a C, and after 2 pregnancy and two breastfed kids, it's now .... GONE!

So... Yes.. I'm a mission to find ways to NATURALLY, ENHANCE BREASTS! And I've converted my weight lose blog to my new obsession! Breastic Measures!


Simple American said...

Keep us a breast of the situation.

My missus feels the same. Me don't care. I'm still happy in my situation. :)

Chiwi said...

SA: It's totally a self-esteem thing, I guess it would be the same if a men has a small you know what!

:) And as we age, unfortunely the breast doesn't age grace-FULL-ly! :)

Maybe there are some readers out there that know of some secret to bigger fuller breast! If so.. please, HELP!! I will try and update my Breastic Measures blog everyday.

mommy of two angels said...

hey those alphabets do matter...i want to learn and move from A to C from you ah? i need help too!