Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

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Merry Christmas Everyone,
Hope you have a blessed year ahead!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Wow.. Time is just flying past!

Another blink of the eye and time has just zoomed right past me again!!

Kaitlyn has just turned 6 last Sunday, she had a few friends over and of coz, her 'Kenzi' came as well! We got them over at the home, cut the cake and took them to the movies to watch 'Madagascar 2'. 6 kids!! We survived! with 5 adults! hahahaha At the end of the movie, on the way back from the movies, my dear brother mentioned something... "You had better watch out for Kaitlyn when she gets older, she already has a boyfriend at 6 and they were holding hands all day today!" Muahahahahaha... * Will post some pictures soon, of the party and her graduation ceremony *

As for BamBam... We were in the car the other day and he told us that he wants to be a Rock Star..So we asked him to sing us a song...

"I want you in my mini hot tub! I want you in my mini hot tub!"
It took us a few mins trying to work out what he was singing... and when we did... We cracked up! WHERE in the world did he get those lyrics from???!?!?!?!?!

Keira is growing up too fast!!! In the last week she cut her first tooth, crawled her first few feet and got her 1st cold. :)

Friday, October 24, 2008

What's been happening...

Well... I'm actually blogging this post on my bed from my phone... which I'll explain later...

We took the 888 package and stayed at the First world hotel at Genting. RM78 per room, per night. So we took 2 rooms for 2 nights. For whoever that is planning to go stay at First World, please, please book for the World Class Rooms. We made the mistake of going cheap!! hehehe... and nearly ended up queing, you actually have to take a number for checking in!!?! Our number was 1413 n the number on the display was 740!!?!?!? And they have 31 check in counters!!!?! Ok.. we just had a long drive, kids' tired, we're hungry,so.. had to think fast, very fast!! :p Typical chinese la! So.. we went to the World Class Room counters, 2 counter that doesn't have a queue or numbers! Asked how much would it cost us to upgrade to their World Class Room.. In
between asking questions to the wonderful, cute little boy behind the counter, :p , telling him we hadn't expect such long queues to check it, NEVER seen such long queues to anything, REALLY! I had to pretend that I was running after the kids, trying to settle the baby, telling the kids that we will go eat as soon as we check it... blah blah blah.. Found out that there are 6118 rooms in this hotel and pretty much this full every day!!! AND even if we were to upgrade to just the superior deluxe, it would cost us RM550 more for just 2 nights... we were like.. "hell we can't afford that... guess we will just have to get back in line to wait for our number... what's the number now? 770? ok.. so that's like 30 numbers every 20 mins.. we can do it...(of coz with those cat-eyes from Sharek) ". The Wonderful, cute boy behind the counter checked us in right there and then!!! THANK YOU GOD!!! hahaha

So when we got to the rooms..... Well, think we expected too much for what we paid... hehehe.. The rooms were so, so musty.. guess it doesn't help either with both me n Bambam having a cold. It just pretty much made all our throat worst.. But luckily, we spend most of out time outside of the room.. We went to have a very very expensive lunch at Burger King, then walked around a little bit.. went to Snow World, so the kids got an exposure of the coldness... Then we got some Pizza to take back to the room, as we didn't have any passes to have the kids go on any rides, so didn't wanna torture them anymore than we had to.. When we walked past the lobby, it hadn't even got to our 1413!!!

Overall.. great trip I would say! :) World Class Room the next trip, Thanks! :p

Right.. that was a week ago now? or 2? hm.. I've been hit in the head with something,I swear, but no one saw it! First, it started off like an electric shock, in the size of a blood vessel, from the back of the ear shooting up to the side of the head. It would electrocute me every 20 seconds in clusters, then it would stop for a min or 2, then it starts again. "Igonore it, it would go away after a good night's rest". But my dear little Keira decided to wake up every hour to feed.. so there goes the good night's rest! So day 2, the shooting pain, from the vessel size has increase to the thickness of a donut and the pain is a little more intense.
The doctor reckons it's Shingles... so.. he gave me some pain relieve for nerves to-go, so we went home to wait for the rashes or blisters to show up to confirm it's Shingles. By the 3rd day, still no rashes or blisters.. The PAIN was like someone hitting me in the head with a bat, every 20 seconds! And so we went back to the doctors! He said that he could either start me on the Shingles, anti-viral med. or I should check myself in to a private hospital in Ipoh to get a MRI and a neurologist to look at it.
You know me.. I hate hospital and private?? That would cost an arm and a leg if not 2! So.. I've got my pills and Xanax. The pain has lessen, unless the pain killer is wearing off.. hehehe so I guess the anti-viral pill is working, thank god, no rashes or blisters... :)
I am relax and peaceful becoz I trust the process of life, All is well in my world.
Blah.. during all my drama, little old Sitiawan, well it's not that old anymore, or little, we have McDonalds now ok?? Sitiawan actually got flooded again. AND I totally missed it AGAIN!! The last time it got flooded was when I was 13, I wanted to experience flood so much that I went to Kelatan, the state that always floods during the rainy season, and the one year that I was there.. NONE!!!! Instead that year, while I was away, Sitiawan was flooded!
This time, Right outside out house!! I WAS IN BED! Couldn't get up! AND missed it all AGAIN!!! Blah!

So here I am.. in bed.. ranting away! :p

Friday, October 10, 2008

It's been .. ... too long..

It's been a while since my last entry.. Well.. now.. where shall I begin...

Maddog's back.. he now has a badge saying ' been there, done that, didn't like it'. I don't know if I'm happy that he is back or not. Been too busy with the Raya rush, with all the Malay staff on leave, so all the bosses has to work hard ourselves! :p And doesn't help with everyone being sick at the moment as well...

Maddog decided that he didn't like Perth and that he misses his kids too much. And I bet he misses the cushy lifestyle that we have here with a big house, 2 maids and the cheap cost of living.

The lastest crisis.... Dangue.. We are lucky no one in our family has got it! (touch wood) But it's a pretty serious situation at the moment is Manjung, to date as we know it, there have been at least 10 death, (but somehow the newpaper says there are only 4... hm...)

That aside.. Jin and Matt are heading back from Scotland to NZ and passing thru Malaysia for a few days, so we are making a trip to KL to meet up with them. Was planning to head up to Genting for a night or 2 b4 heading to KL, but Jordan and Leen couldn't make it this month, so.. we are doing that next month.. anyone wanna join us? the more the merrier!! And Any tips as to where to stay and the cheapest deals? :p

On a lighter note.. it's official.. Miss Keira can now laugh.. :p

Monday, August 18, 2008

And so daddy is gone...

Well.. Maddog is in Perth, the kids are fine and so am I.. Just a little bored, with no one to bully or boss around.. Kaitlyn is really good, if you ask her to do something, when she finally pulls herself out of what she is doing and if you explain to her why you want her to do it, she would do it for you. BUT BamBam, (I think it's an age thing) he would just tell you straight out, "NO!"

Keira is now 3 months old.. time is sure just flying pass like a jet plane, she has been holding her head up by herself for 3 weeks now, and she loves to stand, refuses to sit down until her legs collapse.

I don't know if I have mentioned it b4... but a big fat THANK YOU to all of you for being here supporting me. It's amazing what a few words on the big www can do! :)

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fuzzy Little Kiwi..

Who would have thought that a little green fruit with fuzzy brown skin would help your heart big time?

Kiwifruit appear to put the kibosh on artery-clogging plaques in two ways: They help lower triglyceride levels, and they reduce platelet clumping. The platelet effect could be particularly good for your ticker: Although platelets aid in blood clotting, when these cells stick together too much, it could set the stage for a heart attack or stroke.

You may be surprised to learn a kiwi has more vitamin C than an orange, beats bananas for potassium, and is chock-full of vitamin E and magnesium.

Eating 5 servings of fruit a day can make your RealAge 1.4 years younger.

So ladies!!! Go out and get your KIWIssss!!! :)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Wow.. 9 weeks tomorrow..

Well.. little Keira is going to be 9 weeks tomorrow.. she is now, I think, getting use to the big wide world, as she screams a little less these days. :p None of my other kids screams like she does when they were her age. Maybe she feels mummy's PPD hormones going all over the place and is helping mummy scream to release some of the frustration?? :p

Yup, you heard right, I've got PPD(Post-Natal Depression). Mild case.. I hope! (After 3 kids and 1 miscarriage, I think I'm entitled to experience it just once! hehehe... ) I do have days when everything that comes into my mind is just very negative and I totally cannot shake it at all. That explains probably why I reacted the way I did in the last post! :p BUT I still believe that my reaction is justified! :p But anyhow, after many days of silence treatment and cold shoulder, Maddog has 'decided' to stay back a while longer. He is now leaving on the 14th of Aug.

My parents are now both in New Zealand, mum left 4 days ago. So we have the whole big house to ourselves and that also means that I'm back to work, 10am-8pm. I am definitely not looking forward to when Maddog leaves. I won't have a mad-dog to send on the kids when they are misbehaving, as they are not afraid of me. Plus I won't have a driver to send and pick the kids up from school. I will pretty much have 40 days of 3 kids, a 96 year old grandmother, a big house and a full time job to take care of all by my little self. As my parents will only be back here in Malaysia on the 20th Sept.

I am hoping to join Maddog in Perth on the 27th of Sept, got a wedding to attend on the 4th Oct. But still it all depends on how much can Maddog save b4 we get there as we will be starting off from 0. (well not really 0, but -10k on credit card)

Got to feed the little one.. update later!

Monday, June 23, 2008

One from Jake...

Sorry, I was an arse the other night, and I've been thinking that I WAS the only twit to say that stuff. So clearly I was trying to convince myself that it wasn't sexual - I had the issue, no one else. I totally agree with Dee - I'm not very good at assuring her.

I fully expect to get a load of abuse from all the girls out there, and frankly, rightly so. Sorry baby.

Plain Hormones or Just the Husband?

Well.. Jake is leaving for Perth in 2 weeks and I really don't think I would be able to handle the long distance relationship thing, especially with him, my 3 kids and my hormones.

A new friend of ours is heading to Perth too, a month after he gets there. 2 weeks ago, he said that if I was uncomfortable with him seeing her while I'm not there, he won't. Now he is 'telling' me that I should trust him and that what would be the big deal if he was to have lunch with her. How can he expect me to trust him when he hasn't done anything to proof it?

And it doesn't help when just the other night, at a 'Mid-summer's Beach BBQ' some ladies in their 40's and this friend of ours(28) decided to have go for a skinny dip, all the other men were not staring at the ladies changing, only he was, and he kept telling the other men that he has never skinny dipped, and that he really wanted to. (but of coz the wife can't and so he is not allowed and not like there were any other men in the water!!) He kept telling the little kids and the other men that it's totally not a sexual thing.. (kids don't care nor did the other men) .. i think he said it at least 10 times while standing there staring.. so.. hm.. who was he trying to convince?? And saying things like Asian girls are no fun, meaning me, and that when he gets to OZland, the wife won't be there to stop him having fun. While I was sitting right there, listening to everything. WHAT a load of assurance he is giving me!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Coming up to 6 Weeks!

Wow.. we are nearly up at 6 weeks.. time seems to be on a jet plane passing me by, loud, but fast.
Breastfeeding is getting easier, Thank Goodness! :) I've always told myself that it will be better after 3 weeks.. and sure enough the pain went away A DAY after 3 weeks :p (Hubby has been ready 'The Law of Attraction', so I don't know if it is all in my mind or it really does go away after 3 weeks, know what I mean?) Anyway.. We were planning to go to KL on the 16th June, but I still had a little problem with the breast producing enough milk or know when to produce it, so I was pretty nervous about going, but in the end we decided to go anyway, and sure enough there wasn't any problems at all with the 'supply'. And that was 1 DAY after 5 weeks... :) So for all your ladies out there that are struggling or looking at breastfeeding, IT DOES GET BETTER, even when it doesn't seem like it at that time! :p

Well.. we've got all the details of what Visa we have to apply for to get to OZLAND. YUP, we are leaving for OZLAND. Hubby is leaving on the 10th July, a day after his birthday. (He says he will be updating his blog more often with his 'what-abouts'.)

We will heading to PERTH! That is where to $$$ is at the moment, with the mining, oil and gas. We've been given a chance by some friends of ours to try and get into the oil and gas sector, so we are going to grab the opportunity and give it a try. Some of these guys are earning like 1270 USD a day! (I'm like THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Just Show Me the MONEY!! ehehehe) But then, they do have 15 years of experience. :) Lets see, Jake is 32 now, 32 + 15 = 47 ... still do-able :p

Well he will be first, to find a job, secure the job, save up some money, buy a car and look for a place to rent. He has to get all that done first before the kids and I head over, which should be around Sept. We might leave Kaitlyn here with my parents till we have sorted out her school for next year, since we are planning to come back for Christmas, as my cousin is getting married on Boxing Day. So.. one less return ticket to buy just for now. And by the time we go back to OZLAND after Christmas AirAsia will be up and flying :)

Jake and I have always had some trust issues going, so the 2 months separation is going to be interesting, and fun. So look out for lots of Venting and Ranting! :p

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

SH*T Happens!????

Well... we were back at the hospital again yesterday! Little Missy Poo-Poo decided not to poo-poo this time! 2 whole week!! We were getting pretty worried! Luckily, there is this really nice Paediatrician that we met when we first came to the hospital with Keira not wanting to P.U. We have been keeping in touch with her and keeping her up to date with what's going on with Keira too. So she told us to come in to see her yesterday as it's been 2 weeks. She asked if we wanted her to admit her into the ward again. I'm like NO~~~ We finally all came to the conclusion that she is purging, just really clear and watery, instead of the 'normal' poo-poo! But when we got home in the afternoon, she did 2 huge big 'normal' stinky poo-poo, one after the other. AIYO~~~ Luckily, we didn't admit her! or myself! hehehe

So, while we were there we started talking about the NICU, coz that's where we met and where she worked. There was this girl that I met while I was there, that had her baby at 24wks gestation, and the baby was 690 grams at birth, after a month of being in the NICU, she is now 1.3kg, Doc told us that they normally release the babies that small at around 1.9kg. So I asked if they had babies that small, often. Was told they have just released a baby 2 days ago at 1.9kg, born 1.3kg at birth, by a small mum, literally and physically. The mummy was 12 years old!! ????!!!! AND.. that's not the worst of it! The husband of the 12 year old is a 29 year old man!!! SH*T happens??!!! WTF??? (NB. Jacob here - I was horrified to hear this, and that 29 year old should be arrested for paedophilia.)

And while I was pregnant and going for the local clinic/mid-wives check-ups, they were telling me that they have had lots of foreign ladies (Viet, Indon, Thai..etc) that are married to local men, that are tested HIV positive and still go on to have babies... and I was relating this to Doc, and she told us yes, but the babies will only live to a MAX age of 4. SH*T happens??!!! WTF???

Then she told us that a 6 year old was admitted with having drunk 'Clorox', her mum wasn't any much better, she has multiple cuts on her wrist. BUT they were both released 2 days later!!! SH*T happens??!! WTF??? The family didn't wanna treat the real problem, which was mum being suicidal and needing to go on meds. But it's God's gift right?

So is a brain.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

So relieve that she relieved!

WHAT A WEEK!! After 11 hours of being in this world, we took little Keira home... ONLY to take her back to the Doctors the next day as she hasn't peed in more than 24 hours! So she was admitted into our little local Manjung hospital 34 hours into her life, with a case of NPU (Not Passing Urine). They wanted to keep an eye on her, and if need to, they would put a catheter in to help her relieve herself, which we were hoping to avoid..... So.. we waited and waited, and waited. The Peads reckon that she is probably not taking in enough BM to feel up her bladder, as she was a little jaundices too.. so was too tired and sleepy to suckle on the breast.

So by 8 pm, they took out the catheter to try and help her, as it's been more than 40 hours! And just as they were going to do it.. she relieved herself, and mummy. BUT still they kept us over night in the hospital to observe her. I was put in a little room, right in between the feeding room and the reception area, on a little fold out bed, AND no visitors are allowed. Daddies have to leave by 7:30 pm.. CRAZY, I tell you.. and it was only 40 hours ago that I just gave birth, was pretty sore and tired.. The lights were always on,nurses chattering, and had mothers waking pass the end of my bed every 2 hours to feed their babies, and not to forget the other babies crying coz they were under the photo-therapy. I think I got a total of maybe 5 hours of sleep since giving birth!

The next day came around and.. she still hasn't peed since.. the peads wanted to see her pee at least twice b4 discharging her from the hospital... by the time 8 pm rolled around, only 1 little pee.... Mummy was worried, panicking, tired, sore, engorged, and blood pressure was getting pretty high.. Was just totally zoning out by then.. I kinda knew ppl were talking to me, but it sounded like it was coming from the next room kinda thing. It was a pretty weird feeling I tell you. So I had to do it... I had to leave the baby at the hospital and go home, as they won't allow me to take the baby home.. by the time we got home it was about 10:30pm. My breast were so engorged it was rock hard and couldn't express it out at all... THE PAIN! Thank God for cabbage!! That really really helped!! but still had to wake up every 2 hours to express, but still got more sleep then the last 62 hours!

We got back to the hospital the next day and was told that she could have UTI... Good News was... We could take her home, only if we allow them to put the catheter in to get a fresh sample of her urine... so.. after all that avoiding of the catheter, she still had to have it... BUT she was brave and strong, not a peep out of her when they did the procedure.

AND now.. she pees.... a lot!! :) But for 3 days there, she was constipated... think it was all that formula that they feed her while she was at the hospital.. How can they be promoting BF while they provide formula for top up.. It was kinda hard getting her back onto the breast after they spoon feed her... so my breast are sore and still getting use to the pain... She does had a very, very small mouth!!!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Keira Nadine Winn

Well... She is here!!! All 3.1kg of her! Arrived on Sunday, 11 May 2008, at 1:46am!

We have been joking about her waiting for a 10 course meal, thinking she was going to be like her sister and brother, to wait for a 10 course chinese banquet to push her along.... My parents were coming back here from NZ, and even b4 my mum boarded her flight she txted, asking if 'she' was still waiting for the 'meal'. So we actually went to book a 10 course dinner for Mother's day. Little did we know that, 2 hours after we booked the dinner for Mother's day, at 4:30 pm on Saturday the 10th of May, my water broke.

So.. that leaves me time to go shopping for more bath tubs, breast pumps and new born clothes.

Oh, and not to forget my dinner, so instead of a 10 course meal, we had a 2 course meal at FullPan... sashimi and Lamb Rank! Yummy! Yummy... Hey.. got to have energy to push!! :) So once again, my mother-in-law sat thru a dinner with me, timing my contractions, she says it's nothing compared to timing it thru a 10 course meal! :p
And again, right after the dinner, the pain got a little more intense.. so we headed home to take a shower and freshen up a little, put the other 2 kids to sleep and headed for the doctors.

We got to the Doctors at about 10:30 pm... they checked, and it was only 3 cm. Luckily, we called and told the doc earlier, as he was at a party about 15 mins drive away, so he was prepared to rush if he had to. :) He came, checked and still only 3 cm... so he said he will be back about 1am. As we lay there and wait, the pain got a little more intense, but still not very regular... by about 12, the pain, for me was getting unbearable, still irregular thou!! (But then, I do have a very low pain tolerance! :p) By about 12:45am, doc called and ask the nurses to take me to the labour room... AND just then my PAIN was 2 mins apart, I could hardly make it to the labour room! The doctor was in the labour room b4 me, and it takes him 15 mins to get there, and would only take me 15 big steps to get to the same room!
Took me another 10 mins to just get on to the bed! Asked for epidural, doc checked and said it's already 7cm.. no point. Ok then, so I asked for Pathedine, next best thing right? Doc say that would take 15 mins to kick in, try the gas first.. and so I did! I WAS SUCKING IN THE GAS LIKE THERE WAS NO OXYGEN LEFT IN THIS WORLD!!! Jake was worried and doc too, of me over dosing on it! hehehe.. Hell I didn't care! just give me the pain relief! At this point the pain was so intense that I told doc to HURRY IT UP AND GET IT OVER AND DONE WITH! So he said he would put the drips in to help it along, just right after he put the drips in, I told doc, I HAD TO PUSH! Doc says, just wait, don't want me to tear now do we... (The drips didn't even have the chance to go into my system, nor, did the doctor to move from the side of the bed to the bottom of the bed.) I WAS ALREADY SCREAMING!! I just heard doc say, put your screaming energy into pushing girl. So I DID!!! 5 min and 2 pushes later... KEIRA NADINE WINN was OUT! :)
Oh and obviously, she waited till my mum was back from NZ and KLIA to Sitiawan, to come out! Think mum got home at about 1:30am. So.. like her sister, she waited till both grandmothers were there to introduce herself to the world.

Monday, April 28, 2008

It's all in the FOG!

Well... my MIL was suppose to fly out today but Auckland Airport was fogged out.. so she doesn't arrive till Wednesday, which is also my 31st Birthday.. I've always told my hubby that I wanted a baby b4 I turn 31.... hehehe so is MIL going to make it? Is Hubby going to make it down to KLIA that day and back without me going into labour?? :p

To be continued... ??? hehehehe

Well.. Kaitlyn was a 29 hour baby, from water-breaking, till she was pushed out. The amazing thing was that she waited till both my mum and Jake's mum was just at the door of the labour room, to come out, so they both heard her first cry!

Caleb, was 9 hours, Jake had a meeting to go to at about 11 am, and my mum was to come take over so Jake could go home and freshen up, well.... she turned up 5 mins after I delivered.

So.. I won't be surprise if this one comes just as MIL arrives in Sitiawan with hubby. So it's all in the FOG!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

I wanna go!!

Was going to sneak off to KL tomorrow, and pick up my mother-in-law from the airport on Monday night with the kids!! But ... doesn't look like it is going to happen!! Doc says unless I wanna have the baby in KL, sure.. go ahead! But.. but... I wanna GO!!!!!! sigh....

So it looks like Jake is going to have to go by himself on Monday, and come back straight away after he picks up his mum. Which should be 9 - 10 hours. That was also how long it too me to deliver my son.. so fingers crossed nothing much will happen in the 10 hours!! :)

I WANNA GO!!!!! :p

On a lighter note, it was our wedding anniversary a week ago, this was the first year we remembered to celebrate our wedding anniversary, hehehe after 5 years! So we went out to FullPan and had Ong, the owner and the chef, to make us a special Lobster Dinner. It was Yummy!!! I totally forgot to bring my camera with me!! But am going to try and remember to bring it this Wednesday, am turning 31!!!!

I'm so over being pregnant... and I'm so not! Is it the hormone talking?? :) I'm over it becoz she is getting pretty big in there, already heavier than both the other 2 when they were born. And I'm constantly tired!! But then.. this could be the last time I'm going to get pregnant! ( hehehe want another boy la! )

Anyway.. brain is going mush.. need rest.. Have a great weekend, and week ahead guys!

Monday, April 14, 2008

3 more weeks??

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These are some shots we took over the weekend!

Well... If she decides to come early like her sister, she should be here in 2 weeks!!! And if she is like her brother, she will be 3 weeks away.. and then, she might be herself and decides to come next week or in 4 weeks time???
I kinda wanna get it over and done with, but then in saying that... AM I READY FOR 3?!!?! KIDS!?!?!?! hehehehe

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The little one is not so LITTLE!


AND 6 more weeks to go!!!
She put on 700 grams in the last 2 weeks.. at the rate that she is going she is going to be a whole 4.4kg????

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

6 More Weeks!!

Well.. we are about 6 more weeks away from LABOUR PAIN again!! My gosh am I nervous!! Epidural or no epidural?!!? With our financial state at the moment it looks like we are going without again! :p 500 ringgit can go a long way!! hehehe

So my mother-in-law has confirmed her flight and is flying in the on the 28th April and will be staying with us for 3 weeks!! It's going to be great, to have another pair of hands with the older 2 kids, and have them spend more time with her. My mum will be arriving back here on the 11th of May, so depending on if this one is early or not, she might miss the birth or be there. :) My youngest brother is having his graduation early May in NZ, so that's why my mum is not around for this little one. :)

It's amazing that I can still do the split! after so long, I didn't think I could anymore :p I guess the loose ligaments helps! hehehe Yup.. I fell down AGAIN... No bleeding, baby still moving, so it's all good, except for sore shoulder, knees and bumbum. :) Plus doesn't help when I have been down with a cold, coughing my lungs out everynight and having stuffed nose! BUT the bright side of things is it's giving me time to finally sit down and write a blog after soooooo long!!!! :) And also brush up my sudoku skills! :p I'm so addicted to sudoku!! hehehe

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Colour Up Your Life!


Red is energising & life-giving. Our blood is red and without blood we would not be alive. It follows that red in an excellent colour to wear if you suffer from anaemia. When you feel lethargic, lacking in energy or sluggish, red boosts your energy levels and releases adrenaline into your blood stream. Red is not the colour to wear if you are feeling shy or have the need to fade into the background. It makes you very visible and puts you in the spotlight, often making you feel shyer than before.

If you suffer from poor circulation or have cold hands and feet, try wearing red gloves and socks and you will be surprised at the warming effect they will have. When taking exercise, such as jogging, red helps to energise the muscles by increasing the blood flow, thus giving the body the extra power it needs.


This has many of the same qualities as red, being an energiser and stimulant, but orange stimulates the mind more than the physical body. If you are not enjoying life, wear orange. It will change your attitude to life and make you more vibrant. It helps you to enjoy life to the full. On the physical side, if you suffer from rheumatism or arthritis, orange can help alleviate the aches and pains. So, if you need to stimulate the mind and the body, wear orange.


This colour stimulates the mental powers. It represents the mind and the intellect. Whether at work or at home, if you need mental stimulation, keep a yellow ornament on the desk or have a yellow poster on the wall. This will boost your brainpower and encourage ideas to flow freely. If you want to forget reality for a while when things "get on to of you", and you are feeling stressed, wrap yourself in a yellow blanket, or wear a yellow jumper and your cares will disappear.

On the physical level, yellow alleviates skin complaints such as acne and eczema and loosens stiff joints. Introduce yellow soap, towels and face cloths in your bathroom so that you can start the day with a clear head. We are all aware of the benefits of sunshine and how much better we feel when the sun is shining, therefore, on a cloudy day, bring yellow into your life and you'll feel much better.


This is the central colour of the spectrum and has the other six colours evenly balanced on either side. Likewise, green gives balance in your life. If we look around, Mother Nature provides the earth with balance in the green fields, trees and grass etc. Green is very soothing. How many of us seem to instinctively know when we "need some space"? This is usually because we feel out of balance with the world around us. At times like this it is wonderful to escape to the garden for peace and quiet, or walk in the countryside. To regain our tranquillity. Even sitting down on the lawn makes us feel more relaxed. It brings us down to earth and makes us feel at ease with the world.

Green relieves headaches, reduces nervous tension, helps fight infections and soothes the digestive system. A good tip to remember if you suffer with neuralgia is to hold a piece of green cloth against the painful area. The pain will ease very quickly. In the home, decorate one room in gentle shades of green and you will always have a peaceful, tranquil area to escape to when the weather is too bad to get outside.


Blue is a wonderful healing colour. When you are feeling ill, run down, or need a rest, blue will soothe you, whilst stimulating your immune system. It has strong antiseptic qualities, which can be used in various ways. If you have a sore throat, wrap a blue scarf around your throat or wear a blue high-necked jumper. This will reduce both the pain and the inflammation. With burns, scalds, stings or bruises, by placing a blue cloth or piece of clothing over the affected area, it will heal more quickly. A thought - perhaps bandages should be blue!

For insomnia, blue bed-coverings can help relax the body and induce sleep.


Indigo is for those who suffer from fears and anxiety. It helps to lift depression and relieves mental disorders. Indigo's powerful effect on the mind can help the individual conquer "mind" related problems. We all know the expression "mind over matter". It helps to reinforce the feeling of safety allowing the individual to overcome their fears.

For physical problems such as rheumatism, varicose veins, ulcers and boils, indigo helps alleviate the discomfort and pain. Like blue, it can also aid insomnia, being very calming.


Violet is the most spiritual of all the colours in the spectrum. It aids creativity. If you need to boost your creative energies and inspiration, surround yourself with violet. It will help your talents flow and boost your self-confidence. It is similar to red, but works in a much more subtle way. Violet is wonderful for those who find it difficult to love themselves, or accept love. For those with an inferiority complex or feel they are "not good enough." On the physical side, nervous complaints and scalp disorders, which are usually sparked off by nervous tension, can be eased.

It is not necessary to wear the colour you feel you need. You can add the colour to your surroundings or visualise it when you need to. But remember that everyone can wear every colour in the spectrum; you simply have to choose the shade that is right for you. If you feel really strongly that a colour is definitely not for you, wear it hidden under another piece of clothing.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

I remember now...

I finally remember what I was going to blog about.. at 12 midnight last night! hehehehe.. but was too lazy to turn on the laptop and blog about it.. so here it is anyway.. :)

My hubby is a CHEAPSKATE!!! hehehehe.. We went for our mid-wife check-up on Monday, and was told that to have a baby in the local hospital is only going to cost him RM16!!! So he has set his mind up that I'm to have this baby in the Local Hospital!!! ARGH!!!!! NO WAY!!! Yes it's going to save us 1000 ringgit, but the horror stories that I've heard is HORRIFYING!!!!! The nurses yell at you for screaming... They take 2 hours to stitch you up (this actually did happen to my ex-staff, ok, she did have a 3.8kg baby. BUT 2 hours???)

I don't know.. I can actually use that extra RM1000: half, to hire a traditional malay massage lady, to do that confinement massage thingy that everyone says it's good, and helps you slim down real fast; the other half on a confinement lady to help me with the cooking for a month.

Argh.. HOW???!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Gong Xi Fatt Chai!


I'm having mushy-brain already.. I logged in to write something, but it's totally slip my mind now!

Friday, February 01, 2008

The Things that comes out of BamBam's mouth..

Kaitlyn is forever checking herself out in any mirror or any reflection that she sees... So.. last night at dinner, she was doing the same thing...

Maddog : Are you checking yourself out in the reflection again, Kaitlyn.

Kaitlyn : Hehehehehe

BamBam : (to Maddog) So do you! (back into his food again).

Everyone else : HAhahahahaha

Maddog : D*mn! Offsprings!

2 mins later....

Kaitlyn bust a blood vessel in her eye while she was sleeping the other night..

Kaitlyn : Daddy, why did this happen to my eyes?

Daddy : It only happens to ppl that lie, did you lie??

Bambam : BamBam lie down sleeping every night.

Everyone : hahahahahaha

Friday, January 25, 2008

Overdue Pictures!

These were taken last weekend by a close friend of my brother, that just got a new 40D!! Thanks Phillip!
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Saturday, January 12, 2008

I need SLEEP!!!

It's been a busy, busy year so far! And it's only 18 days into it~ :)

I really, really need some good nights sleep!!! Now that the kids have their own room, my daughter comes into our room in the middle of the night and asks "Daddy, can I go to the toilet, please?" ... (hehehe.. no, we don't torture her and told her to ask for our permission to go to the toilet, 'thou one would think we do, coz she would come in at least once a night to ask us for permission.)

THEN, it would be my son going "Mummy... I like you, I like your bed, I like sleeping with you..." And he does it so well with his puppy eyes. He has somehow caught on to "'Mummy/Daddy/Nanna/GongGong, I LIKE YOU,.... (gives you a hug then his request)..." with his puppy eyes, he has got it down to the T with that..

Well.. I have arrange for my brother's friend to take some belly shots, and some family portraits for us tomorrow evening around the house... so.. pictures are coming! :)

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy 2008!!!

We've finally moved into the new house, and have been living in it since 15th Dec. Yay!! But there are still a lot of touching up to do: putting pictures up; getting the pond washed and ready; getting more furnitures; getting things to work, ie, the water features; touching up on paints; bah.. an endless list, really.

Doesn't help with me being pregnant, can't get down and dirty doing things, have to wait and relay on others to get it done for me! It's really frustrating. And JUST as I am feeling better and was getting into things yesterday... I fall and am now suffering from a really sore bum-bum, back and lower abdominal. Hopefully I just gave the little one a little roller-coaster ride. So far no bleeding or anything, just sore! :p

BAH... and I've gained like 2 kg in less then a month, now that the morning sickness is gone!!! NO~~~~ Must have been the Christmas turkey!!! :p It was amazing, the same pants I could wear it the day b4 and the NEXT day!! hehehehe

This weekend we are having a house blessing on Saturday, which means... MORE FOOD! And it doesn't end there!! On SUNDAY, yeap the next day, we are having a 70th birthday celebration for my dad's mum, and there will be like 300 ++ ppl coming around to our house.. and not to forget MORE FOOD! We are catering from our favourite steakhouse, so over RM3500 worth of steak, lamb,seafood and desert; curry from our favourite indian curry house; 2000 sticks of Satay; 1000 bowls of cendol; fried noodles and rice from our favourite chinese caterer.. sigh.. another 3 kg from this coming weekend??!!!

ANYWAY!! Happy New Year everyone!! Hope you have a healthy, wealthy, wonderful year ahead and many more!! :)