Monday, June 23, 2008

Plain Hormones or Just the Husband?

Well.. Jake is leaving for Perth in 2 weeks and I really don't think I would be able to handle the long distance relationship thing, especially with him, my 3 kids and my hormones.

A new friend of ours is heading to Perth too, a month after he gets there. 2 weeks ago, he said that if I was uncomfortable with him seeing her while I'm not there, he won't. Now he is 'telling' me that I should trust him and that what would be the big deal if he was to have lunch with her. How can he expect me to trust him when he hasn't done anything to proof it?

And it doesn't help when just the other night, at a 'Mid-summer's Beach BBQ' some ladies in their 40's and this friend of ours(28) decided to have go for a skinny dip, all the other men were not staring at the ladies changing, only he was, and he kept telling the other men that he has never skinny dipped, and that he really wanted to. (but of coz the wife can't and so he is not allowed and not like there were any other men in the water!!) He kept telling the little kids and the other men that it's totally not a sexual thing.. (kids don't care nor did the other men) .. i think he said it at least 10 times while standing there staring.. so.. hm.. who was he trying to convince?? And saying things like Asian girls are no fun, meaning me, and that when he gets to OZland, the wife won't be there to stop him having fun. While I was sitting right there, listening to everything. WHAT a load of assurance he is giving me!


yvy said...

o dear....dont read too much into dear. maybe he was teasing u?

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora said...

what the F##K!!! In the privacy of your own home, i hope that u kicked up a fuss Chiwi. Hope u gv him a good telling off too! Geez, the nerve some men have!! Unbelievable! Thank God i am all the way in Europe, if not i would hv beat him up for u babe! argh!

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable. Unacceptable. You deserve better. Take care of you.


Aida said...

unbelievable but if there is any consolation, men do stare and as long as he dont act upon it. i think its harmless fantasy.

but saying asian girls are no fun because of it and directly implying you, he should get twice slap for that. its not about asian girls or whatever girl, he still has remember he is a husband and has 3 very young children.

you go girl!

Ms eNVy said...

Not a good thing to say! .. The staring bit was acceptable .. because I tend to do it too .. but usually just to tease my hubby (and he knows it too) .. but saying those things .. totally way out of line .. don't know about you but he needs to make amends in my book!

Take care dear *hugs*