Friday, December 30, 2005

Chiwi Night in Sitiawan

We had quite a few Sitiawan Nights, where all the S'wanians would meet up for a dinner in Auckland. Now... Finally a Chiwi Night in Sitiawan!

Here are some of the "SeeFood" we ate, while they were still alive..

This is what it looks like when we were done!

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This year...

Gosh, it's already end of another year!

  1. Jan - Start of our school as Cambridge English for Life; Last month alone with Kaitlyn, and End of pregnancy with Caleb.
  2. Feb - Dad's Birthday Dinner; The birth of Caleb, the very next day after dinner; Chinese New Year at the hospital for Caleb's jaundice
  3. March - Struggles with Breast-feeding.
  4. April - Turned 28!! Argh..
  5. May - Back in NEW ZEALAND!!
  6. June - Caleb start moving around in the walker; Haze; Lost my new phone.
  7. July - Jin's Wedding; London Bombing; Caleb's First tooth; Meeting the ladies on BabyCenter.
  8. Aug - Caleb sitting and crawling; more teeth for Caleb.
  9. Sept - Kaitlyn's first ballet lesson and first visit to the dentist; NZ election; Caleb gets 2nd prize at Billion's baby contest(1st boy)
  10. Oct - Deepavali and Raya.
  11. Nov - Kaitlyn turns 3!!!(OMG!!); Caleb gets 2nd at Fajar's Baby Contest(1st boy).
  12. Dec - Mr. BamBam Walking all by himself; Christmas; been breastfeeding Caleb for 10 months now.
Wow.. Looking back it's been a busy year!!

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas 2005

It's another Christmas been and gone...

It's sad that we have not been back in NZ for the past 2 Christmas, as planned, but sh** happens! We hope to next year but pretty unlikely.. But if everything works out, we might, but that's another story... for another day.
I think we are all pretty happy with Santa this year..
I know I am..

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas! Eve!

"And So This Is Christmas...." Eve..
Kaitlyn is already digging into the 'little boys'! ;p

We had some friends around...

Here is the other Kiwi family that's in Lumut; Greg, Anna, Matilda and Lovisa (But Lovisa was at home, sick, with her Nanna.)

So we all sat around having Chinese Tea...

And Satay...

Wait.. What's that sound?? Is that Santa on the roof?!

No, it's the carollers ...
The Kids stayed up till 11:30pm.. We had the last carolling group at 12:30am. And after we all basically just crashed! There was still church at 8:30am Christmas morning yet!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

My Little Angel on her school Christmas production

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Mr BamBam

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Only 2% ???

I've only been to 2% of the world?! Gosh... sigh.. Probably less, coz I've only been to Bali in Indonesia, and South of Thailand, not the whole country.

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I'm Hoping to add a few more countries to it next year! Whic would only make it 4%!

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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Bambam Walking!

Yes, My Little man is walking all by himself now! 10 1/2 months! A month later than his sister, but hey .. he is a boy and you know what they say.. boys are always slower! Don't know if that is true or not. But I'm happy! We were so worried, you know with his smaller left leg, that it would be a problem! But thank God it is not!

It's that time of the year again, were everyone is busy getting Christmas presents and all.. The Joy of Giving! We dumped the kids and head off shopping @ Ipoh yesterday, don't get us wrong, we love spending time with the kids but... we can't get any shopping done with them there! One min, it's Kaitlyn wanting to go to the toilet; One min, Caleb needs a nappy change (oh, did I mention that my kids can end up doing 5 poos a day!! but most days its only about 3 times!! Is this normal?)
Meal time is another stressful part! On one hand, a very picky eater, refuses to eat anything! On the other, before he finishes what is in his mouth you better have the next spoon ready or ELSE!! So a half an hour meal would take at least an hour!

Well we have got most of our shopping done, except for each other... sigh.. what am I going to get him this year... hm... more cloths? more shoes? something more meaningful?? any suggestions?! Help?!?

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


This is the stat yesterday when I took a look at my site! And I've been trying to post this up since yesterday... I've just got it posted up, after restarting my computer 5 times and 6 virus scanns with 3 different anti-virus programme! hm.... Ok maybe I'm just being paraniod! But "Arles" (my youngest brother) is back and out comes all the horror movies! (Sorry Grace, we couldn't wait, we've watched Emily Rose without you!)

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Christmas is just around the corner again!

Mmmmmmm.... ChristMan!!
I know I wouldn't mind that for Christmas!
Gosh... Christmas is once again around the corner. Caleb is turning 10 months tomorrow, Kaitlyn is now 3 years old. We planned to go back to NZ for Christmas this year, we planned for that to happen last year too... But.. I was pregnant with Caleb and was a bit too big to travel with comfort then, this year.. we were suppose to meet up with Hamish, Jacob's best friend, and his new family back in NZ for Christmas... not enough $$$ as we have already been back in NZ in May, plus we are saving for our UK trip, Hamish's Wedding, next year. So... No Chirstmas in NZ this year. After UK, I don't think we would be able to afford Christmas in NZ next year either! With 3 weddings next year, 2 at the end of the year round christmas time. so... there goes another year..