Monday, June 23, 2008

One from Jake...

Sorry, I was an arse the other night, and I've been thinking that I WAS the only twit to say that stuff. So clearly I was trying to convince myself that it wasn't sexual - I had the issue, no one else. I totally agree with Dee - I'm not very good at assuring her.

I fully expect to get a load of abuse from all the girls out there, and frankly, rightly so. Sorry baby.

Plain Hormones or Just the Husband?

Well.. Jake is leaving for Perth in 2 weeks and I really don't think I would be able to handle the long distance relationship thing, especially with him, my 3 kids and my hormones.

A new friend of ours is heading to Perth too, a month after he gets there. 2 weeks ago, he said that if I was uncomfortable with him seeing her while I'm not there, he won't. Now he is 'telling' me that I should trust him and that what would be the big deal if he was to have lunch with her. How can he expect me to trust him when he hasn't done anything to proof it?

And it doesn't help when just the other night, at a 'Mid-summer's Beach BBQ' some ladies in their 40's and this friend of ours(28) decided to have go for a skinny dip, all the other men were not staring at the ladies changing, only he was, and he kept telling the other men that he has never skinny dipped, and that he really wanted to. (but of coz the wife can't and so he is not allowed and not like there were any other men in the water!!) He kept telling the little kids and the other men that it's totally not a sexual thing.. (kids don't care nor did the other men) .. i think he said it at least 10 times while standing there staring.. so.. hm.. who was he trying to convince?? And saying things like Asian girls are no fun, meaning me, and that when he gets to OZland, the wife won't be there to stop him having fun. While I was sitting right there, listening to everything. WHAT a load of assurance he is giving me!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Coming up to 6 Weeks!

Wow.. we are nearly up at 6 weeks.. time seems to be on a jet plane passing me by, loud, but fast.
Breastfeeding is getting easier, Thank Goodness! :) I've always told myself that it will be better after 3 weeks.. and sure enough the pain went away A DAY after 3 weeks :p (Hubby has been ready 'The Law of Attraction', so I don't know if it is all in my mind or it really does go away after 3 weeks, know what I mean?) Anyway.. We were planning to go to KL on the 16th June, but I still had a little problem with the breast producing enough milk or know when to produce it, so I was pretty nervous about going, but in the end we decided to go anyway, and sure enough there wasn't any problems at all with the 'supply'. And that was 1 DAY after 5 weeks... :) So for all your ladies out there that are struggling or looking at breastfeeding, IT DOES GET BETTER, even when it doesn't seem like it at that time! :p

Well.. we've got all the details of what Visa we have to apply for to get to OZLAND. YUP, we are leaving for OZLAND. Hubby is leaving on the 10th July, a day after his birthday. (He says he will be updating his blog more often with his 'what-abouts'.)

We will heading to PERTH! That is where to $$$ is at the moment, with the mining, oil and gas. We've been given a chance by some friends of ours to try and get into the oil and gas sector, so we are going to grab the opportunity and give it a try. Some of these guys are earning like 1270 USD a day! (I'm like THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Just Show Me the MONEY!! ehehehe) But then, they do have 15 years of experience. :) Lets see, Jake is 32 now, 32 + 15 = 47 ... still do-able :p

Well he will be first, to find a job, secure the job, save up some money, buy a car and look for a place to rent. He has to get all that done first before the kids and I head over, which should be around Sept. We might leave Kaitlyn here with my parents till we have sorted out her school for next year, since we are planning to come back for Christmas, as my cousin is getting married on Boxing Day. So.. one less return ticket to buy just for now. And by the time we go back to OZLAND after Christmas AirAsia will be up and flying :)

Jake and I have always had some trust issues going, so the 2 months separation is going to be interesting, and fun. So look out for lots of Venting and Ranting! :p

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

SH*T Happens!????

Well... we were back at the hospital again yesterday! Little Missy Poo-Poo decided not to poo-poo this time! 2 whole week!! We were getting pretty worried! Luckily, there is this really nice Paediatrician that we met when we first came to the hospital with Keira not wanting to P.U. We have been keeping in touch with her and keeping her up to date with what's going on with Keira too. So she told us to come in to see her yesterday as it's been 2 weeks. She asked if we wanted her to admit her into the ward again. I'm like NO~~~ We finally all came to the conclusion that she is purging, just really clear and watery, instead of the 'normal' poo-poo! But when we got home in the afternoon, she did 2 huge big 'normal' stinky poo-poo, one after the other. AIYO~~~ Luckily, we didn't admit her! or myself! hehehe

So, while we were there we started talking about the NICU, coz that's where we met and where she worked. There was this girl that I met while I was there, that had her baby at 24wks gestation, and the baby was 690 grams at birth, after a month of being in the NICU, she is now 1.3kg, Doc told us that they normally release the babies that small at around 1.9kg. So I asked if they had babies that small, often. Was told they have just released a baby 2 days ago at 1.9kg, born 1.3kg at birth, by a small mum, literally and physically. The mummy was 12 years old!! ????!!!! AND.. that's not the worst of it! The husband of the 12 year old is a 29 year old man!!! SH*T happens??!!! WTF??? (NB. Jacob here - I was horrified to hear this, and that 29 year old should be arrested for paedophilia.)

And while I was pregnant and going for the local clinic/mid-wives check-ups, they were telling me that they have had lots of foreign ladies (Viet, Indon, Thai..etc) that are married to local men, that are tested HIV positive and still go on to have babies... and I was relating this to Doc, and she told us yes, but the babies will only live to a MAX age of 4. SH*T happens??!!! WTF???

Then she told us that a 6 year old was admitted with having drunk 'Clorox', her mum wasn't any much better, she has multiple cuts on her wrist. BUT they were both released 2 days later!!! SH*T happens??!! WTF??? The family didn't wanna treat the real problem, which was mum being suicidal and needing to go on meds. But it's God's gift right?

So is a brain.