Saturday, July 22, 2006

A day with the Animals

Thanks to Sulaiman and his mum, the kids spent a day with some animals, there was: Sir Walter the goat, a real ladies man/goat, which you see Kaitlyn holding in the picture; Ms Lazy Daisy, an 8 month old little calf; and Zitara the Pony.

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Little Old Sitiawan....

Welcome to our little old Sitiawan...

This use to be the heart of this little town, Kg Koh, and just behind that building on that corner is my grandfather's house. All these shop lots are going to go.. It will be a shame, definitely, to tear down all these old building, but "they" need wider roads...

Below is a picture I took of a kampung house, next to a friend's house.

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23/07/06 update :-
When we first saw the first 7eleven's signboard going up, we were so excited for this little old town; then they started building a MacDonald's building for Big Mac; and now .. Watson is here, and SecretRecipes. My Gosh.. what's next??

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

London... is Cancelled!

Right.. after a long sleepless night, we think we are giving London a miss this time. *Sorry Hamish*, but we really can't afford to go to London, and NZ, within a 6 months period.

That's a load off our back!!! Definitely..

So NZ.. Here we come!!!!!!!! AGAIN!!!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

YaY yAy YaY, The Macvays are coming home!!

Welcome Home!

Yay, we finally get to meet the Macvays.. dunno when but soon I hope! *wink*

*update on the weddings:
Looks like we will be leaving on the 30th Jan, to pay a little less, becoz Caleb will still be charged an infant ticket, which is only 10% rather than a children's ticket which is 75%!!!
My cousin has moved her wedding to May now, which is more good new, but Still we are going to have to miss Jason and Joyce's Wedding!!! Not trilled about that!! But I guess that's life. We don't have alot of close friends and I take Jason and Joyce as our really close friends!
**Joyce and Jason, We'll make it up to you some other time ok? Sorry..... It sucks earning Ringgit!! That's all I can say!!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

The most Expensive Wedding of All..

We thought the wedding in UK was going to cost the most, boy were we wrong! By a mile!!!

The most expensive wedding that we will be coughing up will be the wedding in NZ. It will be costing us RM14,000, just to get there! Becoz it's the peak travelling season to NZ. And in order to get seats we have to book and pay within this week, which is also when we have to be paying for the tickets to London(RM6,500 + RM1,200(Valencia leg)) That's RM21,700!!!! Compare to the tickets that we can get now for RM2,450 each, and RM7,350 for all of us to get there off peak!!! RM14,000 - RM 7,350 = RM6,650 !!! That's a lot of spending money and a lot of months of hard work!!! It takes us about a year to just save that much of money!!

So does this mean that we have to forget Hamish's(where ChiwiDad is suppose to be the BestMan), Joyce's(where we have promised, 2 years ago, that ChiwiGirl is going to be their flower girl), and Jun's(my cousin) wedding. Just to go to this wedding in NZ?

Sigh.. If only the wedding is held on July.. like now.. That would be the best time, as it's the cheapest to fly there.. Or even maybe a week or 2 before Christmas, so that we get to celebrate Christmas in NZ, and plus Caleb will still be 1 and not 2, which also means cheaper air tickets.

But either way, I think we will have to cut short the trip to UK, which means we will not be going to Scotland to see Mat and Jin's Parents. Which is a real shame.

Monday, July 10, 2006

A Weeee Update..

First just a little update on what has been happening..

  1. The bus ride down to Singapore was long, but it was quite comfortable i must say, lots of leg room, it took us about 8 1/2 hours to get to Singapore. Singapore was great!! Lots of shopping done.. Finally clothes in my size!! But still NOT a lot thou, gosh I would only be buying a midium size in NZ, and here I have to buy everything XXL?!?! Crazy!!!But we spend most of our time walking from one place to the other..
  2. Mez and Su's Wedding was Amazing!!!! I want another wedding of my own!!!!! :p
  3. Greg and Matilda's Birthday(4th April) but we had a huge dinner on the 2nd, the very Sunday we arrived back from JB, thank goodness we took the flight, which was only 45 mins. So we had some energy left to stay awake during dinner!
  4. ChiwiDad just had his 30th. On Saturday night we had everyone around at the house, we had 200 Satays; A pot of Potato Salad; A pot of Tuna Pasta; A Pot of Vegetarian Fried Noodles; A huge plate of Corn Salad.. etc, so lots of food left over to last us another day or 2. Plus The All Blacks won against the Aussies, which is always a mood lifter for ChiwiDad. On Sunday itself we had our usual Bakuteh and Steam Fish for Breakfast. Then we had a traditional Malay Massage, well ChiwiDad did and I had a Aromatherapy Massage. And ChiwiDad got to watch TV all day without me nagging! :p
Feb next year looks like it's going to be pretty full on!!!
  1. 1st Feb = My dad's Bday
  2. 2nd Feb = ChiwiBoy's 2nd Bday
  3. 10th Feb = Jason and Joyce's Bday in KL, ChiwiGirl is going to be the flower girl. So We will probably have to be out in KL a day or 2 b4 the wedding to make sure that ChiwiGirl does NOT mess up their wedding! :p
  4. 11th Feb = Got to fly off to NZ, sigh.. another bank a/c breaking, pocket freezing trip, plus ChiwiBoy just had his 2nd Bday, so... full price for him! ~~>.<~~
  5. 17th Feb = ChiwiDad's only baby sister getting married. Which is also Chinese New Year's Eve.
  6. 18th Feb= Chinese New Year. Looks like we are escaping this years CNY "Ang Pow". But It's going to cost us a lot more to be in NZ! :)
  7. 22nd Feb = My cousin sister's wedding, so either we make it back b4 the wedding or we are just going to have to miss it.
Oh jolly...