Thursday, July 13, 2006

The most Expensive Wedding of All..

We thought the wedding in UK was going to cost the most, boy were we wrong! By a mile!!!

The most expensive wedding that we will be coughing up will be the wedding in NZ. It will be costing us RM14,000, just to get there! Becoz it's the peak travelling season to NZ. And in order to get seats we have to book and pay within this week, which is also when we have to be paying for the tickets to London(RM6,500 + RM1,200(Valencia leg)) That's RM21,700!!!! Compare to the tickets that we can get now for RM2,450 each, and RM7,350 for all of us to get there off peak!!! RM14,000 - RM 7,350 = RM6,650 !!! That's a lot of spending money and a lot of months of hard work!!! It takes us about a year to just save that much of money!!

So does this mean that we have to forget Hamish's(where ChiwiDad is suppose to be the BestMan), Joyce's(where we have promised, 2 years ago, that ChiwiGirl is going to be their flower girl), and Jun's(my cousin) wedding. Just to go to this wedding in NZ?

Sigh.. If only the wedding is held on July.. like now.. That would be the best time, as it's the cheapest to fly there.. Or even maybe a week or 2 before Christmas, so that we get to celebrate Christmas in NZ, and plus Caleb will still be 1 and not 2, which also means cheaper air tickets.

But either way, I think we will have to cut short the trip to UK, which means we will not be going to Scotland to see Mat and Jin's Parents. Which is a real shame.


kimmysia said...

Oh My.. That is really a lot of money to spend to attend weddings.

How about if you try Video Conferencing? Cheers.

aida said...

ditto on the 1st comment. sometimes can't please everybody mah.

Chiwi said...

It is ChiwiDad's ONLY sister's wedding, and we would love to go back to see his grandparents too as they haven't seen ChiwiBoy yet. So.. Just wish that it there would be a way for it to be just a little cheaper!!

Plus NZ is not that high tech to be able to have us "attend" the wedding via video conferencing.. :)

Argh.. just going to sleep on it tonight and see what happens! Where there is a will, there is a way!