Saturday, July 15, 2006

YaY yAy YaY, The Macvays are coming home!!

Welcome Home!

Yay, we finally get to meet the Macvays.. dunno when but soon I hope! *wink*

*update on the weddings:
Looks like we will be leaving on the 30th Jan, to pay a little less, becoz Caleb will still be charged an infant ticket, which is only 10% rather than a children's ticket which is 75%!!!
My cousin has moved her wedding to May now, which is more good new, but Still we are going to have to miss Jason and Joyce's Wedding!!! Not trilled about that!! But I guess that's life. We don't have alot of close friends and I take Jason and Joyce as our really close friends!
**Joyce and Jason, We'll make it up to you some other time ok? Sorry..... It sucks earning Ringgit!! That's all I can say!!

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aida said...

well at least everything is working out now with the weddings. jeez, i cant imagine attending that many wedding!

we have 1 wedding to attend mid august, thats about it. i would be 34 weeks then, so hope dont meletup from the dancing and all.hahaha

i am looking forward to my baby shower, dont know lah when. everyone seems to keep it hush hush from me.