Thursday, August 20, 2009

Aunty D!!

So now it's official, I'm Aunty D! :)

My brother's wife just gave birth to a little cutie yesterday afternoon. And I was out in the waiting room waiting, and I'll have to say I still win for the loudest screamer in the delivery room. :p

I am now in my 13th week. Went for a scan last week and this little one was moving around and around through out the whole 5 mins scan! ACTIVE baby??? I hope not!!!!!! I'm praying for a quieter one! For far, they have been coming out MORE active than the last!

And the thing about terrible 2's ??!! It is nothing compared to the Formidable 4s!!! My son had decided to trash the house by filling his youngest sister's nappies with water and bombing the house with it!! The kids have pretty much been home since this A(H1N1) thing has gotten bad with 200 over cases a day and 7 deaths a day in Malaysia alone! So.. I guess they got really bored! And so the whole house was flooded with water!

4 kids?!?!!?! WHAT am I going to do with 4 kids?!?!?!