Saturday, June 30, 2007

Balancing Your health.

How you would balance acid and alkali on an everyday basis?

Our everyday diet consists of acid-forming and alkaline forming foods. However with today's society the normal diet consists of far too much meat, fat and sugar and not enough vegetables and fruit. Therefore we consume too much acid forming food rather than alkaline forming food. A lot of health conditions are caused by long-term acid/alkaline imbalance; in another words, it is important to maintain a neutral balance if we want to live healthily.

The following are simple ways to reduce the acidity of your system.
(With foodstuffs, one would never go wrong with 80% alkaline-forming food, and 20% acid-forming food.)

  1. Avoid carbonated drinks. Carbon Dioxide is second to none when it comes to acidifying your system.

  2. No Sugar. It has no nutritional value at all, and when you use too much sugar, it acts basically like a poison to your system. Supposed 'health foods' which contain sugar are simply not healthy for you. Sugar is one of the main causes for a permanent disruption of the acid/alkaline balance and is responsible for a large number of other health problems like obesity, candida and diabetes.

  3. Drink water. Mineral water. Not tap water, as it normally contains chemicals that will add to the acidity of your system. If you have a blender, fresh fruit or vegetable juice is almost excellent. NOT the pre-made stuff from the supermarket - they contain too much sugar!

  4. Exercise and sleep. Regular exercise lets the body eliminate more acid from the body. Get enough sleep. Your body eliminates acid while you sleep. The less you sleep, the less acid you eliminate.

  5. As people age, the digestive system weakens. The result can be nutritional deficiencies in the body, even when the diet is adequate. It is not just what you eat, but what you absorb that is important. To improve your digestion, it may be helpful to take supplementary hydrochloric acid (in the form of 'betaine hydrochloride'), digestive enzymes and bile with each meal. Bromelain, the enzyme in fresh pineapple, is very helpful. I suggest eating fresh pineapple regularly.

  6. Stay away from aluminium. This will increase your zeta potential, which is the negative overall charge of your blood. Since blood is a colloidal solution, this charge is important in that it keeps the cells and nutrients in suspension. Aluminium reduces the zeta potential in your system.

Supplements that are strongly alkaline like calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium should be taken. Calcium needs vitamin D in order to be absorbed and utilised and also vitamin C tablets to help calcium dissolve faster. Magnesium, found in green leafy plants, which today's people don't take a lot of, should be taken twice as much as the calcium supplement. Therefore we need to increase the amount of green vegetables and fruit in our diets. But then, this is nothing new, as doctors and nutritionists have been telling us this for years!

Acid and Alkali

Did you know that if your saliva pH is lower than 7( which also means that your saliva is too acidic, that you are more likely to have cancer!

List A

  • vegetables: eggplant, broccoli, mushrooms, garlic, asparagus, watercress, endive, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, celery, cucumber, lettuce, chicory, alfalfa, spirulina (alg), chlorella (alg), kohlrabi.
  • fruit: strawberries, apples, apricots, avocados, bananas, black currants, red currants, cherries, dates, grapes, grapefruits, melons, nectarines, peaches, pears, pineapple, raspberries, tomatoes.
  • protein: free range eggs, low fat cottage cheese, chicken breast, organic yogurt, almonds, tofu, sunflower seeds.
  • spices: cinnamon, curry, ginger, mustard, chili peppers, seasalt, miso, all green herbs.
  • beverages: mineral water (non-carbonated), fresh fruit juice, raw milk, fresh vegetable juice, all teas.
List B
  • fats and oils: avocado-oil, corn oil, olive oil, linseed oil, sesame oil, safflower oil.
  • fruit: cranberries.
  • grains: all products containing corn, rice, rye or wheat.
  • dairy: all products containing pasteurized milk, cheese (from goat, cow or sheep milk), butter.
  • nuts: cashews, peanuts, peanut butter, walnuts, pecans.
  • beans: peas, split peas, white and red beans, soya beans and soya milk.
  • animal protein: beef, pork, lamb, turkey, duck, rabbit, game, fish, crustaceans and shrimps.
  • pasta: spaghetti, macaroni, lasagna, linguine etc.).
  • sweets: all candy, honey, syrup, sweetener, lemonades, aspartame, any food with sugar added.
  • all alcoholic beverages.
  • carbonated soft drinks, carbonated water.
  • all pharmaceutical drugs, chemicals and pesticides
Which list are you consuming more of??
A. 20% of List A and 80% of List B.(roughly)
B. 20% of List B and 80% of List A.(roughly)

I definitely fall into the catergory of A. What about you?


Eczema/or any form of rashes, is a way our body expels toxins, when the liver and kidney cannot handle it anymore, becoz they themselves are overloaded with toxins. GPs normally will dispense hydrocortisol, and even antibiotics ( and you know how I feel about those things). Anyway.. need I repeat again that the above would only suppress the eruption and drive more toxins inward, and may even result in something else, or the rashesto surface somewhere else.

Detox is again the best solution here. Of coz it would be hard for younger children to do, or even go thru a detox.. So here are some things that you can consider... Vit B complex, E, D Kelp, Zinc, Biotin. Herbs such as chaparral, goldenseal, dandelion & myrrh. Eat a high fibre diet, avoid ALL DAIRY, proccessed food, fats &food with raw eggs - as they all contain avidin which stops biotin from being absorbed. AND not to forget plenty of clean water!!!


Ok.. I know I can't go on any vacations at the moment, but GOSH... I would love to take my kids to Walt Disney World, I bet Maddog would love to visit Kennedy Space Centre on the Atlantic Coast. Orlando vacation home looks great! I especially love this one!! SO many places to go, so many things to see, so many ppl to do. Opps.. did I say that out loud.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Blogger's meat! I mean meet.

I took the opportunity to steal these beautiful pictures from our one and only Ms. HijackQueen. We had the pleasure of meeting up with her and 'her family' basically her sisterssss.. 4, including herself, out of 6 sisters! Can you just imagine that household during gatherings??? What fun!! I wish I had such a huge family!
Anyway.. the picture above is our breakfast, every morning, "lu mein"&"kampuang mein" (so Monkeywong, you have to come try, these are much better than your "kolo mee")

This little cutie of a boy is little Ms HijackQueen's Prince. He is so cute! He goes and introduce our little Ms Pebbles as his girlfriend to his dad. "Daddy, this is my girlfriend" he says!

Here is a little group picture of all the blogger geeks. :p
Mrs(1 of HijackQueen's many sisters) and Mr KimmySia, HijackQueen, Maddog, and myself.
Again I would like to clearify that, no we are not wearing a 'ching-nu-cuang', this is our uniform for the shop on Saturdays!

Sunday, June 24, 2007


Oh my goodness.. I know we are surrounded by cancer producing substances, but I never knew there are so much!

Here is my first essay!

In today's world of technology and advanced research, almost everyone I know embraces suppressive treatments. "Suppressive treatments" allow the human body to have a quick fix, an instant relief from pain, from discomfort, and with that instant relief, we put the body back to work instead of spending time letting the body recover, build its own anti-bodies, or dispose all that is unwanted in the body by itself. Not only do we not let the body run its own course, but by using these suppressive treatments we are effectively driving the problem deeper within the body and building up more toxins where increased harm can occur.

Antibiotics are used very often with all allopathic treatments. These antibiotics, though life-saving in certain circumstances, also create major suppressive activity within the body. Antibiotics are designed to kill bacteria, beneficial and non-beneficial bacteria alike. It also inevitably changes the status of bowel flora throughout the digestive tract, always in a detrimental manner. Not to forget, antibiotics themselves are chemically produced toxins which are by nature, foreign and therefore detrimental to the whole body-system and long-term health - in way of not letting the body fight diseases or infections itself (of course, in life-threatening situations, urgent and vigorous treatment might be required).

Also, when suppressive treatments are applied, the 'toxin-alert' from the body is made silent. Usually, the patient simply hasn't realised how loud the warning signs were. Were a patient to understand and listen to one's body, these signs would be heard and curative healing would be used instead.

This modern society that we live in today, pollution and toxins are everywhere, in everything that we touch, in everything that we eat or drink and in the air that we breath. Toxins like lead, mercury, arsenic, carbon monoxide, nickel, nitrogen oxide, flouride, selenium.. just to name a few are everywhere. There is no way of avoiding toxins or chemicals from entering the body.

Studies from over the years have shown that toxins and chemicals have been connected to a vast number of symptoms, disabilities, illnesses and 'imbalances'. The principle factors that determine how toxic our organs are is shown by how severe and often symptoms occur. Symptoms like headaches, muscle pains, tremors, constipation, dizziness, anaemia, indigestion, fatigue, poor skin tone and changes in co-ordination, just to name a few.

Toxins not only build up in one organ but several, and if toxins are left in the body to accumulate further serious problems and dis-eases can and probably will result from it. Hemotoxicity (toxins in the blood cells) can cause anaemia and leukemia, among others; from Hepatotoxicity (toxins in the liver) we can get Gall stones, cirrhosis or fibrosis of the liver, and in extreme cases, liver failure; Nephrotoxicity (toxins in kidneys) kidney stones and ultimately acute renal failure; ARDS (also known as acute pneumonia), asthma and lung cancer from Pulmonotoxicity (toxins in the lungs); skin cancers and severe dermatitis from Dermotoxicity(skin toxins); Brain and spinal cord damage, sensory and motor control and the nervous systems nearing breakdown from Neurotoxicity(toxins in the brain).

In serious cases of the patient ignoring the toxic warning signs, the body may shut an organ or system down to attract attention to the toxins. Often, patients are little more than 'vertically-ill', a term used to describe people who are still able to be more or less fit for work and life in general - but without vitality or a youthful sense of energy. After this they become 'horizontally-ill', whereby the body has basically decided to shut down an organ or system in order to attract the attention it requires.

Obviously, living life in a state any less than in optimal health, with vitality, is not desirable. However, in today's world of stresses and toxic pollutants everywhere, it is difficult for many to be quiet enough to 'hear' their body's warning signals, much to their detriment.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Take the time....

Take the time to work, for it is the price of success
Take the time to think, it is the source of strength
Take the time to play, it is the secret of youth
Take the time to read, it is the seed of wisdom
Take the time to be friendly, for it brings happiness
Take the time to dream, for it will carry you to the stars
Take the time to love, it is the joy of life
Take the time to be content, it is the music of the soul

~Old Irish Text~

Time is what I need! I have tried to finish my 3rd assignment for 3 days now! Haven't had a chance to sit down to think!!! Argh!!!!! So frustrated!!

Every chance I get to sit down in front of the computer, "Dee, can you call this company to order this"; sits down less then 2 mins ; "You've got a call from so-and-so company" ; Sits down (1 min); "Mummy, can you come and teach me my homework"; sits down; "Kak, got customer wants to check eyes" 2 hours later; sits down; "Mummy, BamBam Susu(milk)" !!! ARGH!!! I don't know how to time manage this!

I finish work at 8, by the time I get home, have dinner, shower, it's already 9pm... play with the kids for a while, put them to sleep, Kaitlyn is good, she sleeps latest by 10:30, but BamBam!!! That night owl doesn't go down til i switch off all the lights and stay really quiet at 11pm, any sooner he would play and play and play! By that time I'm DONE! I can't take 2 hours off work or from my kids to study during the day time! Well I can, but I've got NO where to go. Work is where my computer is, and also where my kids are.

Any suggestions ppl?? I need help!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Here's looking at you monkey!

We took the kids to the local 'Monkey Forrest' to see some of monkeys, (no not you MonkeyWong! heheheh)

But really... Who is looking at WHO??

Here is my own little monkey himself showing his monkey face... and I saved the best for last.. "the-long-arms-red-haired" Orang Hutang..
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Monday, June 18, 2007

No return now!

Your Career Personality: Capable, Friendly, and Energetic

Your Ideal Careers:

Advertising Executive
Television Reporter

Ok.. the payment has gone through.. There is no turning back now~~~

Argh.. Am I going to have the time to study? Am so excited yet so terrified!!! ARGH!! I'm a student again! So is Maddog! (He has also faxed through his application form to the College of Interior Design.) Back to those student days, late nights, partying, drinking, stress and hand in assignments! Opps... I forgot, we've got kids! So have to cut it down to only, 'late-night-stressing-over-handing-in-assignments!

Here is the list of the papers that I've enrolled myself in:
#1 Nutritional Therapy
#2 Clinical Herbalism Diploma
#3 Iridology
#4 Gentle Touch Aroma
#5 Holistic Back Practitioner
#6 Hand Reflexology / Vibrational Medicine (Can't decide on which course to take at this point)

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Bah Ham Bug!

Looks like there will be no holidays for the next 2 years!

Maddog has once again changed his direction and going with Interior Design this time. (3.5k) + My courses (about 8k) + Maddog's Optician course(another 35k)+ bedroom set(8k)+ I want another bambino next year(yes the bio clock is still ticking away) = NO MORE HOLIDAYS! ZERO! LING-DAN! KOSONG! BAH HAM BUG!

Anyone out there with any money making idea? Free Holiday packages??

Well I guess I will just have to write 205 posts @ US$5 for his ID course, 205 posts @ US$10 for my course. And pay the rest by Credit Card! hahaha :p

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Lost in thoughts!

You know how one can get lost in thoughts? Well I'm lost in it at the moment. What's the other word for it? Contemplating? Surveying? Meditating? To ponder? To Avoid??

8K is a lot of money! Maddog is also studying a correspondence course with Oten Australia, that is costing a bit as well. And of coz there are the furniture for the house. Yes, the house that was suppose to be ready end of last year; and b4 my brother's wedding; and b4 CNY; and also end of May (last month). Now, tentatively, before Christmas!(I'm stil quite set on my baliness themed room, with wood blinds)

What to do? How Mow Brown Cow!??

PayPerPost Direct!

Yay!! The Payperpost bunch of great brains, have came up with a better way to help us blogger make more $$$ blogging. Wanna know how they are doing this? Simply by cutting out the middle man, so letting the advertiser themselves select the blogger to posts their message. Therefore, the blogger keeps more of the advertising $$$.

Most of these companies, they put a 50% to 100% markup on the blogger’s post. (Payperpost has been charging 35% ) Now with Payperpost Direct the service charge is now only 10% and 1/2 of that goes to Paypal/credit card fees.

Payperpost will then have a directory for the advertiser of all their bloggers registered. They also provide us bloggers with a widget like this one <span class=PPP Direct" border="0"> to place on the site.

The advertisers then visit the blogs and choose to hire or not hire the blogger, I guess that helps drives up the stat figures too! hehehe

Still don't understand? What this then.

I wanted to put my rate on 6.88 (road to prosperity! hehehe) but can't, so I'll leave it at 7. Maybe one day I will be good enough to raise it up to 35?? hehehe

Wanna Get paid to blog?? What are you waiting for?? ;p

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Back to Basic

I've always like to help ppl.. and I've always been interested in the health side of things, I've thought about being a midwife(but I don't know about staying with someone for 29 hours during labour!); I've thought being a doctor (but I don't have the self-discipline to finish, how many years of studies??!! I don't know how you do it Anna, with 2 kids under 5!! Plus I don't really like to chemicals they put into ppl.)

My great grandfather was a pharmacist, during his time, he was very well known and respected, he even made his own Chinese/herbal medicine too. I once went to a psychic and she told me that my great grandfather is asking me to go back into Chinese medicine and bring back the glory(ok,ok.. I added the glory part myself! hehehe) And ever since then, it's always been at the back of my mind.

Well, I've dug it out and dusted it, and am looking into it now.. So I'm going to take the course of 'Nutrition Therapy'. Should take about 3 months to complete (fingers crossed) Then will take up a diploma in Clinical Herbalism, am also really interested in Iridology, since I look into ppl's eye everyday anyway! :) All up it looks like it's going to cost me about RM8k. As they are all certs from UK.

What am I going to do with all these Certs when I finish? I don't know yet... Maybe it would come in useful one day.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

1 dollar insurance

Wow.. I think I need to apply for a Green Card to America.. They have a lot of good deals for a lot of things like this Globe Insurance. Just 1 Dollar, and could pay up to 50k!!! That's a bloody good deal! *no pun intended! (Maddog can tell you that I don't use that word 'bl**dy much, but this calls for it!)

That reminds me I need to look into getting some insurance for my kids... sigh.. another pocket emptying exercise.

Alchomohol ...

Ever woke up in the morning with a very very bad hangover?? Looking for hangover cures.. Fear no more, for here comes The Cure, the after drinking drink! And it's all Natural! :)

I've never really had any experiences of hangovers, I guess I'm one of those lucky ones, but then, I've always been the one driving, so have never really drank that much. Plus when I do drink a lot I get really kissy-kissy. So not a really good idea...

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Should we flee?

What I feared most is here .. It was in yesterday's newpapers..

PUTRAJAYA: A case of the highly pathogenic H5N1 avian flu strain has been detected in a village in Sg Buloh, the first incident in Malaysia after the outbreak in March last year.
And today's newspaper..
PETALING JAYA: Five people have been admitted for observation at the Sungai Buloh Hospital after coming down with fever in the wake of the bird flu outbreak at Kampung Paya Jaras Hilir near Sungai Buloh.
Why do I fear it so much? Well.. it's becoz my family is surrounded by birds, swiftlet. Every building that is more than 2 stories high around here, are all converted to be Swiftlet 'hotel', (and ppl are building more everyday) so they can harvest the bird's nest. Yes it make lots of money! (35k a month of each floor I heard.) IT also makes lots of bird droppings and flies too!!!!

Swiftlet are among the most aerial of birds, flying almost constantly except when at the nest or roosting at night. During the day, you don't see a single one around, becoz they tend to like the cooler weather, so they would fly to the highest mountain, and these birds can FLY!

We are literally surrounded by all these 'Swiftlet Hotels'. They are everywhere!! There are MILLIONS of them flying around every morning and evening!!!!!!!!

There should be laws against having these 'Swiftlet Hotels' in commercial and residential areas, as they are really filthy, hazarded to health and with bird flu everywhere... can you just imagine????

Friday, June 08, 2007

Maori Ink

Posted by PicasaNo.. it's not a real tattoo.. it's just a spray on for RM20. Not bad aye? Would love to get on for real, and no, it's not my leg ok?? I'm not that hairy!!! It's Maddog's!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Yay.. finally a weekend away

Here is 'CheChe' giving BamBam a home made tattoo...

Alisdair, BamBam, Kaitlyn, Faaris, Lin, Leen and Ling. :p

Here is a picture of what was right outside our Hotel window....
Anyone wanna take a guess ?? As if no one knows liao..
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