Saturday, June 16, 2007

PayPerPost Direct!

Yay!! The Payperpost bunch of great brains, have came up with a better way to help us blogger make more $$$ blogging. Wanna know how they are doing this? Simply by cutting out the middle man, so letting the advertiser themselves select the blogger to posts their message. Therefore, the blogger keeps more of the advertising $$$.

Most of these companies, they put a 50% to 100% markup on the blogger’s post. (Payperpost has been charging 35% ) Now with Payperpost Direct the service charge is now only 10% and 1/2 of that goes to Paypal/credit card fees.

Payperpost will then have a directory for the advertiser of all their bloggers registered. They also provide us bloggers with a widget like this one <span class=PPP Direct" border="0"> to place on the site.

The advertisers then visit the blogs and choose to hire or not hire the blogger, I guess that helps drives up the stat figures too! hehehe

Still don't understand? What this then.

I wanted to put my rate on 6.88 (road to prosperity! hehehe) but can't, so I'll leave it at 7. Maybe one day I will be good enough to raise it up to 35?? hehehe

Wanna Get paid to blog?? What are you waiting for?? ;p

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