Sunday, June 24, 2007


Oh my goodness.. I know we are surrounded by cancer producing substances, but I never knew there are so much!

Here is my first essay!

In today's world of technology and advanced research, almost everyone I know embraces suppressive treatments. "Suppressive treatments" allow the human body to have a quick fix, an instant relief from pain, from discomfort, and with that instant relief, we put the body back to work instead of spending time letting the body recover, build its own anti-bodies, or dispose all that is unwanted in the body by itself. Not only do we not let the body run its own course, but by using these suppressive treatments we are effectively driving the problem deeper within the body and building up more toxins where increased harm can occur.

Antibiotics are used very often with all allopathic treatments. These antibiotics, though life-saving in certain circumstances, also create major suppressive activity within the body. Antibiotics are designed to kill bacteria, beneficial and non-beneficial bacteria alike. It also inevitably changes the status of bowel flora throughout the digestive tract, always in a detrimental manner. Not to forget, antibiotics themselves are chemically produced toxins which are by nature, foreign and therefore detrimental to the whole body-system and long-term health - in way of not letting the body fight diseases or infections itself (of course, in life-threatening situations, urgent and vigorous treatment might be required).

Also, when suppressive treatments are applied, the 'toxin-alert' from the body is made silent. Usually, the patient simply hasn't realised how loud the warning signs were. Were a patient to understand and listen to one's body, these signs would be heard and curative healing would be used instead.

This modern society that we live in today, pollution and toxins are everywhere, in everything that we touch, in everything that we eat or drink and in the air that we breath. Toxins like lead, mercury, arsenic, carbon monoxide, nickel, nitrogen oxide, flouride, selenium.. just to name a few are everywhere. There is no way of avoiding toxins or chemicals from entering the body.

Studies from over the years have shown that toxins and chemicals have been connected to a vast number of symptoms, disabilities, illnesses and 'imbalances'. The principle factors that determine how toxic our organs are is shown by how severe and often symptoms occur. Symptoms like headaches, muscle pains, tremors, constipation, dizziness, anaemia, indigestion, fatigue, poor skin tone and changes in co-ordination, just to name a few.

Toxins not only build up in one organ but several, and if toxins are left in the body to accumulate further serious problems and dis-eases can and probably will result from it. Hemotoxicity (toxins in the blood cells) can cause anaemia and leukemia, among others; from Hepatotoxicity (toxins in the liver) we can get Gall stones, cirrhosis or fibrosis of the liver, and in extreme cases, liver failure; Nephrotoxicity (toxins in kidneys) kidney stones and ultimately acute renal failure; ARDS (also known as acute pneumonia), asthma and lung cancer from Pulmonotoxicity (toxins in the lungs); skin cancers and severe dermatitis from Dermotoxicity(skin toxins); Brain and spinal cord damage, sensory and motor control and the nervous systems nearing breakdown from Neurotoxicity(toxins in the brain).

In serious cases of the patient ignoring the toxic warning signs, the body may shut an organ or system down to attract attention to the toxins. Often, patients are little more than 'vertically-ill', a term used to describe people who are still able to be more or less fit for work and life in general - but without vitality or a youthful sense of energy. After this they become 'horizontally-ill', whereby the body has basically decided to shut down an organ or system in order to attract the attention it requires.

Obviously, living life in a state any less than in optimal health, with vitality, is not desirable. However, in today's world of stresses and toxic pollutants everywhere, it is difficult for many to be quiet enough to 'hear' their body's warning signals, much to their detriment.


Farah said...

Good job girlie!!!

Simple American said...

Well written.

Seems like a life lived is deadly. 0.0

Chiwi said...

Thanks for all the support guys.. I passed that question and that paper! :) 4 down 6 more to go!!

SA: It is really scary isn't it? But facts and figures are the to prove that it is that scary! Just look at the hopitals today, how many are there as cancer patients!

Hijackqueen said...

Unrelated: I've post up our meet liao.

I'll rather eat preservative. At least when i die, my body will be preserved!