Saturday, June 09, 2007

Should we flee?

What I feared most is here .. It was in yesterday's newpapers..

PUTRAJAYA: A case of the highly pathogenic H5N1 avian flu strain has been detected in a village in Sg Buloh, the first incident in Malaysia after the outbreak in March last year.
And today's newspaper..
PETALING JAYA: Five people have been admitted for observation at the Sungai Buloh Hospital after coming down with fever in the wake of the bird flu outbreak at Kampung Paya Jaras Hilir near Sungai Buloh.
Why do I fear it so much? Well.. it's becoz my family is surrounded by birds, swiftlet. Every building that is more than 2 stories high around here, are all converted to be Swiftlet 'hotel', (and ppl are building more everyday) so they can harvest the bird's nest. Yes it make lots of money! (35k a month of each floor I heard.) IT also makes lots of bird droppings and flies too!!!!

Swiftlet are among the most aerial of birds, flying almost constantly except when at the nest or roosting at night. During the day, you don't see a single one around, becoz they tend to like the cooler weather, so they would fly to the highest mountain, and these birds can FLY!

We are literally surrounded by all these 'Swiftlet Hotels'. They are everywhere!! There are MILLIONS of them flying around every morning and evening!!!!!!!!

There should be laws against having these 'Swiftlet Hotels' in commercial and residential areas, as they are really filthy, hazarded to health and with bird flu everywhere... can you just imagine????


Hijackqueen said...

I understand as how you feel. Whenever I go to Wisma Ganda to buy kompiang, i would run to the stall. Afraid that the dropping will drop on my head. NOt forgetting the smell and the noise from the recorder. *Urghhh...

Simple American said...

That is scary. Makes you want to carry an umbrella everywhere to protect you from birdie bombers.

MonkeyWong said...

Need 2 wear raincoat :(

Chiwi said...

HQ : We've got a date! :)

SA : GumBoots, Umbrella, FaceMask.. sigh..

Monkey : Yes, RainCoats too!