Saturday, April 29, 2006

Human Mind Tests!

A dear friend of mine sent me this link.. A Senses Challenge, and I scored 17/20, ok I cheated, the first time I scored only 7/20... hmm..

Then I found that there were other tests!! YAY!! :p
Apperently my personality type in "What am I like?" is that I am a counsellor wor.. And in What kind of Thinker.. I am an Interpersonal Thinker, other Interpersonal thinkers include: Winston Churchill, Mother Teresa, William Shakespeare... hmm... :)

Well guys.. have fun testing yourself!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Month of April.

Just a quick update on what's been happening this month.. or should I say summary.. :p

3rd Wedding Anniversary.
It was pretty much just a normal day for us.. Work; Lunch at the office(together); then back to work.. Least we remembered this year! And we had a Wed Anni Eve dinner at Kenny Roger's Roasters, with Mez, Su and our kids! Yay! :)


Missy.. here with one of her poses!

My little girl is going to be taller than me in no time! Just in the last 2 months all her long pants are now 3/4 pants. We tried to go shopping for her last Wednesday while we were out in Ipoh, and they were either too short, or too lose at the waist..

Caleb (BamBam)
Bath time!
Or rather bucket time!

This little man of mine is growing up so fast! He can say "Mummy"; "Ma-ma" which means food, milkies and drinks; "Nice" when the food is nice; "Meow"; "Doggy""Woof"; "Where"; "No" pointing his finger at you, so cute..; "Nyanyi" which means sing in Bahasa Malaysia; "Ni" for everything else! But I am so glad we taught him some sign language. He knows the sign for "Milkies" which he uses for food, milkies and drinks; "More"; "Yes" where he nods his head; "No more" when he pushes things away from him; "Where"; "Potty" which he only does when he has finished his business; and "Wash-wash".

Monday, April 17, 2006


Gosh.. My stress level is sky high at the moment... My whole back is so tense, least it's keeping my posture straight!
Here is why I'm stressed!!

  1. I've got 3 businesses to take care of..
    1. Sitiawan- I've just had 3 old staffs left, (that's a whole different story and level of stress) so I've got 3 new staffs that need trainning and questions answered, so I pretty much have to attend to all the customers myself, because the new staffs don't know anything yet. (eg, pricing, lenses, and what type of frames)
    2. Manjung - Ordering lenses for both branches; and chasing orders and delivering orders; All the accounts: paying suppliers, car loans, rentals, and other expenses. (doesn't help when my brother has his car broken down in KL, so he can't come back to take care of his own shop)
    3. ELSIT(the school) - PaySlips for all 4 teachers; organising classes; monthly reports; we also just had a Certificate Ceremony; Advertising; Working out the royalty to pay. (Hubby helps with most of it, but his short term memory isn't that good, so.. I am stressed out "reminding"(nagging) him about things he has to do(it normally takes 2 weeks of "reminding" for something to be done.. and that put stress between us too.)
  2. The family...
    1. My 94 year old grandma, with her compressed spine, who is also in a lot of pain, but still insist on following me to work.
    2. My kids... gosh they are a handful, one doesn't want to eat anything and one that wants to eat everything. So if I don't force feed one, she is not going to eat anything, and so I have to get the food prepared and ready for them to eat, as my maids are so busy in their own world that they forget to feed my kids. And so I not only have to worry my hubby and kids, I have to worry about 3 maids and 1 grandma too..
Is this what it is like for other mothers out there???? I'm sure it would be a lot easier if I was working for someone else rather than my dad!

as for my Hubby, well.. lets say he is busy; busying controlling his temper; busy controlling his homesickness; and busy worrying about the small stuff.. I cried myself to sleep last night as Caleb was having a bad night too.. my Dear husband asked me.. Why am I crying?? And saying that he is the one that is close to tears... By then I had already been crying for like an hour, but he was busy watching TV, so he didn't noticed anything... He should try and walk in my shoes for just ONE day.. Think he would probably commit suicide, just after one!

Sorry for this post.. I just really needed to vent!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

7 Weddings...

We have 7 "Major" Weddings to attend in the next 15 months?? It's great.. but it's hurting the bank a little... well not only a little.. but quite a bit! (there goes half a house in NZ) Guess that's the price to be such lovely and wonderful ppl like us huh?? hehehe and thanks to big asian families too... :p
So the list goes a little like this...

1st - My cousin Vincent and his lovely wife to be Cloe, they will be having one in Johor Bharu(May28) and one here in City A1(June1), so, as the eldest sister in the Ling family .. RM200 worth in gold.

2nd - Our new found pets, I mean, close friends ( :p) Mez and Su's wedding in JB as well... I'm really excited about this one, as it will be my first Indian wedding... and it's 3 days long!!!! And with 3000 guests!!! (Can't wait guys!!!!) The damage .. 3 nights stay, travel expenses and misc(shopping trip in Singapore?).. hmm Thank God for AirAsia, RM19.90 one way to JB. (RM1500++??)

3rd - Our dear Hamish, I'm excited becoz we get to go to London, and so since we are there, we might as well go to Scotland to visit the Hayhurst, and visit Jacob's uncle and aunt in Valencia, right? Might as well... heheh but this damage is huge!! A deposit for a nice house in Auckland.. (RM25000??)

4th - My cousin, Jamie, whom is like a sister to me, which also means paying more for her wedding gold! (RM300)

5th - My Bro, Anthony.... Sigh... Even more damage I guess..... (RM500)

6th - My other cousin sister, Jun... (ok, this is getting depressing.... :p) (RM250)

7th - Jason and Joyce, our dear and beloved friends... Mid of next year would be great thanks! hahaha give us a little time to save up for the trip to KL and the accomodation in KL ... hahaha and I promise to fatten Kaitlyn up a little more! (RM1500++)

So yup there goes a house in Auckland! Ok, maybe not a house, but it's at least half a house!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Wedding Anniversary 3 years on...

We have been married(legally) for close to 3 years now, (4 years since our wedding dinner in Malaysia) but we have yet to celebrate any of our anniversaries, sad huh??

  • 1st year, we remembered only on our way home after work, which was already 8 plus pm then.
  • 2nd year, we remembered 2 days late..
This must be what children do to you.. But Jacob has never been one to remember birthdays or anniversaries.. and I've been covered with 2 business, 2.5 kids and nappy brains for me to remember dates...

So.. Don't have much hope for this year's anniversary either, becoz my parents are not around for me to take time off work to go off for a weekend somewhere. I really wanna go back to Bali again... (hint, hint.)

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Friends are Angels sent by God.

I want to take this opportunity to Thank all my friends for being my friends!! :) I believe that they are angels sent by God to touch our lives!!

We've recently met some really great angels!

  1. Farah and Jeremy. - They have been great.. too bad they are leaving for Bahrain soon.. but hopefully we will be able to join them there and spend more time with them. Thanks Farah and Jeremy for everything we will miss you guys heaps!!!!!!!!! More than you would ever know! :p
  2. Mez and Su - Lovely couple, wonderful humans, who are busy arranging their 2nd wedding for thier relatives in Malaysia, with their God sent hands! (Chiropractors, both of them) Out of their busy schedule they took the time to fit our whole family in for a treatment and refused to accept any money! Apprently I've got fire crackers on my back and neck.. :p So those of you that need a chiropractor in Ipoh don't hesitate to contact them! Don't know about being free though...
  3. Jordan and Leen - Though we have not met them in person, Farah says that Jordan and Jacob would get on like a house on fire. Leen and I both have the same birthday, 'cept she is one year younger than me! :p So we can't be too different! hehehe
  4. Anna and Greg - Swedish cum kiwi family, wonderful cooks! Great baby sitters, hehehe and she is a doctor too! No worries there! haha
  5. Jin and Matt - Jin.. Hang in there baby girl.. He is not going anywhere, and you are half way there!!!
  6. Amy and Josh - Without them there would be no US.
  7. Tash - We love you girl! You wouldn't be you if you weren't so YOU! hehehe
  8. And you, I think you know who you are! :) So don't say I don't blog about you! ;p
I'm glad God sent all of you guys my way!