Thursday, April 13, 2006

7 Weddings...

We have 7 "Major" Weddings to attend in the next 15 months?? It's great.. but it's hurting the bank a little... well not only a little.. but quite a bit! (there goes half a house in NZ) Guess that's the price to be such lovely and wonderful ppl like us huh?? hehehe and thanks to big asian families too... :p
So the list goes a little like this...

1st - My cousin Vincent and his lovely wife to be Cloe, they will be having one in Johor Bharu(May28) and one here in City A1(June1), so, as the eldest sister in the Ling family .. RM200 worth in gold.

2nd - Our new found pets, I mean, close friends ( :p) Mez and Su's wedding in JB as well... I'm really excited about this one, as it will be my first Indian wedding... and it's 3 days long!!!! And with 3000 guests!!! (Can't wait guys!!!!) The damage .. 3 nights stay, travel expenses and misc(shopping trip in Singapore?).. hmm Thank God for AirAsia, RM19.90 one way to JB. (RM1500++??)

3rd - Our dear Hamish, I'm excited becoz we get to go to London, and so since we are there, we might as well go to Scotland to visit the Hayhurst, and visit Jacob's uncle and aunt in Valencia, right? Might as well... heheh but this damage is huge!! A deposit for a nice house in Auckland.. (RM25000??)

4th - My cousin, Jamie, whom is like a sister to me, which also means paying more for her wedding gold! (RM300)

5th - My Bro, Anthony.... Sigh... Even more damage I guess..... (RM500)

6th - My other cousin sister, Jun... (ok, this is getting depressing.... :p) (RM250)

7th - Jason and Joyce, our dear and beloved friends... Mid of next year would be great thanks! hahaha give us a little time to save up for the trip to KL and the accomodation in KL ... hahaha and I promise to fatten Kaitlyn up a little more! (RM1500++)

So yup there goes a house in Auckland! Ok, maybe not a house, but it's at least half a house!


Aida said...


I have been reading your blog for a couple of months now. We are friends of Jordan & Leen.

On your topic, geez, that is sure a lot of weddings!

Chiwi said...

Hi Aida,

Thanks for reading my blog... :p May I add you to my list too? err.. what am I saying? I've already added you, just. :p

I guess it's just, we are at that age, where everyone around us are getting married or having babies... Look at yourself and Leen.. :p How's the pregnancy going?? Hope all is well with no morning sickness.. Enjoy all the sleep you can get now!!!! And the ALONE time!