Monday, April 17, 2006


Gosh.. My stress level is sky high at the moment... My whole back is so tense, least it's keeping my posture straight!
Here is why I'm stressed!!

  1. I've got 3 businesses to take care of..
    1. Sitiawan- I've just had 3 old staffs left, (that's a whole different story and level of stress) so I've got 3 new staffs that need trainning and questions answered, so I pretty much have to attend to all the customers myself, because the new staffs don't know anything yet. (eg, pricing, lenses, and what type of frames)
    2. Manjung - Ordering lenses for both branches; and chasing orders and delivering orders; All the accounts: paying suppliers, car loans, rentals, and other expenses. (doesn't help when my brother has his car broken down in KL, so he can't come back to take care of his own shop)
    3. ELSIT(the school) - PaySlips for all 4 teachers; organising classes; monthly reports; we also just had a Certificate Ceremony; Advertising; Working out the royalty to pay. (Hubby helps with most of it, but his short term memory isn't that good, so.. I am stressed out "reminding"(nagging) him about things he has to do(it normally takes 2 weeks of "reminding" for something to be done.. and that put stress between us too.)
  2. The family...
    1. My 94 year old grandma, with her compressed spine, who is also in a lot of pain, but still insist on following me to work.
    2. My kids... gosh they are a handful, one doesn't want to eat anything and one that wants to eat everything. So if I don't force feed one, she is not going to eat anything, and so I have to get the food prepared and ready for them to eat, as my maids are so busy in their own world that they forget to feed my kids. And so I not only have to worry my hubby and kids, I have to worry about 3 maids and 1 grandma too..
Is this what it is like for other mothers out there???? I'm sure it would be a lot easier if I was working for someone else rather than my dad!

as for my Hubby, well.. lets say he is busy; busying controlling his temper; busy controlling his homesickness; and busy worrying about the small stuff.. I cried myself to sleep last night as Caleb was having a bad night too.. my Dear husband asked me.. Why am I crying?? And saying that he is the one that is close to tears... By then I had already been crying for like an hour, but he was busy watching TV, so he didn't noticed anything... He should try and walk in my shoes for just ONE day.. Think he would probably commit suicide, just after one!

Sorry for this post.. I just really needed to vent!


MadDog said...

Isn't she an angel. I love her so much.
I'm the one doing all the work with the school deary! Ok ok, so i need a bit of nagging every now and then! So i'll be making an effort to make things easier for you... thats why i was close to tears last night. I was frustrated with Caleb, Kaitlyn, you, the useless maids, everything! I feel like i'm organising an army everytime we do anything! I am trying to help you, so more massages coming, some nice food etc. Don't worry about the school, i've got it under control sweetie. classes, advertising, the ceremony etc all done. i'll get those slips to you tomorrow!
I love you and we'll have our rest soon enough.
Your hubby, Maddog

aida said...


first i could relate with ur hubby's homesickness. i am going back to KL in 2 days. but a few days ago, i was crying leh cause it still seems forever. I was a bit malu to admit to my hubby cause the reason so stupid. Take it easy on him lor.

ur life does sound abit crazy, pls dont scare me hor. but u know what they say, kids become monsters when they are 2 yrs old. fit to the saying "terrible twos" but i guess kaitlyn would probably be a headache to deal with till she is a teenager!!! with the boys knocking at ur door probably even more headache! suggest u leave the kids with ur hubby for a day and u take a break. there is a show in canada called "crash test mommy" where the mom can choose the person who can walk in her shoes for a weekend and see how hard mom works at keeping everyone happy, fed and dressed. u need to go to a spa!

Anonymous said...

Oh girl!!! Hang in there...


Chiwi said...

Aida : You are pregnant.. You can definitely blame your hormones for that.. but my hubby is not pregnant.. well not that I know of anyway.. :p

Kaitlyn is 3 1/2 now.. Another 15 years of this.. ??? Aiya-ya.. if she is anything like me, maddog's going to camp out the lawn once she hits 12!

jinxyjingles said...

BIG BIG BIG BIG HUG for you, sweetie, hang in there babygirl, you can't save the world, just save what you can.

Wish I can help!

Thinking of you


gRaCeY said...


Chiwi said...

Thanks Girls.. great to know that there are ppl reading my blog! :p I'm feeling a little better but not a lot, coz my other 2 capable staffs are taking holidays now, one for a month to go back to Phillipines, and the other just for the weekend.. So i'm stuck with all new staffs!!! Hopefully everything will go smoothly!!

queenbee said...

Chiwigal, I'm just stressed reading your stressful situations:) Hang in there, you know where you can vent if you need an outlet;)

Anonymous said...

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