Thursday, April 27, 2006

Month of April.

Just a quick update on what's been happening this month.. or should I say summary.. :p

3rd Wedding Anniversary.
It was pretty much just a normal day for us.. Work; Lunch at the office(together); then back to work.. Least we remembered this year! And we had a Wed Anni Eve dinner at Kenny Roger's Roasters, with Mez, Su and our kids! Yay! :)


Missy.. here with one of her poses!

My little girl is going to be taller than me in no time! Just in the last 2 months all her long pants are now 3/4 pants. We tried to go shopping for her last Wednesday while we were out in Ipoh, and they were either too short, or too lose at the waist..

Caleb (BamBam)
Bath time!
Or rather bucket time!

This little man of mine is growing up so fast! He can say "Mummy"; "Ma-ma" which means food, milkies and drinks; "Nice" when the food is nice; "Meow"; "Doggy""Woof"; "Where"; "No" pointing his finger at you, so cute..; "Nyanyi" which means sing in Bahasa Malaysia; "Ni" for everything else! But I am so glad we taught him some sign language. He knows the sign for "Milkies" which he uses for food, milkies and drinks; "More"; "Yes" where he nods his head; "No more" when he pushes things away from him; "Where"; "Potty" which he only does when he has finished his business; and "Wash-wash".

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Philip said...

ahah...your children look healthy and so damn cute...i read a research paper that says babies below the age of 1 have the ability to understand all languages. whatever language that they don't get to listen to when they are young they tend to forget after 1-2 years of age. I also read that sign languages are good for them as they can also understand them.