Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Calling all breastfeeding mums...

Or mums that have breastfed their child.. I need stories and pictures for me to post up on divineMums .

So for those mums that want to share their experiences in the joy; stress; love etc. for breastfeeding, please send your stories and include a picture of your little one to me.

This will help other new breastfeeding mums face their frustrations and anxieties with facts, and to realise they're not alone!


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Lost 2, but found a new one.

Well.. I havent been blogging for a while now, coz I'm been busy with building divineMums
, the webpage for my new baby. :)

So far we've got 3 designs on the site, and another 4 more coming soon! :) divineMums
is caters for mostly breastfeeding mums /nursing moms; sleepwear for breastfeeding; maternity tops and some baby accessories as well.. divineMums not only offer stylish breastfeeding; nursing ; maternity tops BUT also affordable.

Now I just need ppl to start buying!! lol

Can't wait till i receive that first enquiry email! hehehe

Monday, August 14, 2006

Lost : My Babies....

We had stopped going to the pool for about 9 months and we decided to go back about 2 weeks ago, the kids were very nervous about getting into the pool, but once Kaitlyn was in the pool she was alright, took her only 10 mins to start swimming all by herself, of coz with the help of those arm floaties,, these are great.. it allows the kids to still use their arms and Kaitlyn loves them!!

As for Caleb it took him about half an hour to just relax and enjoy being in the water coz he was soo nervous. Once he was use to the water, he didn't want to get out!!

But yesterday, we went to the pool again after 2 weeks, they are all experts now!!! Kaitlyn can swim the full lenght (it's not a big pool but still about 10 m) of the pool all by herself, no stops, no gulping in water, she swam like a little pro.. And Caleb refused for anyone to aid him and was floating with these and even swam 5 m, as well, ALL BY HIMSELF!!

Where have my babies gone???

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Football player of the future..

Can anyone tell me if any other 17 months old can drop kick??? Coz my son can drop kick!!

He has been kicking a ball around since 12 months and he is able to kick it straight to where he wants it to go to. We don't know of anyone with a 17 months old that can do that, so we thought we would ask if anyone else have seen anything like this.

If he is telanted in football, although his dad would prefer him to play rugby, we want to know! :)

Friday, August 04, 2006

Well.. looks like it's pretty much happening now!!! I've just placed my 3rd order!! So far I've got a friend in Australia, Jo; one in Sweden, Anna; and hopefully someone in NZ soon to help me push these breastfeeding tops!!

It's been really fun designing and stressful getting the fine details fine.. :) So hope you will all link up to divineMums for all our divine breastfeeding mums!

Divine breastfeeding clothes designed by breastfeeding Mums for divine moments, after all Mums are Divine!!

Go!Go! Breastfeeding!!