Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Lost 2, but found a new one.

Well.. I havent been blogging for a while now, coz I'm been busy with building divineMums
, the webpage for my new baby. :)

So far we've got 3 designs on the site, and another 4 more coming soon! :) divineMums
is caters for mostly breastfeeding mums /nursing moms; sleepwear for breastfeeding; maternity tops and some baby accessories as well.. divineMums not only offer stylish breastfeeding; nursing ; maternity tops BUT also affordable.

Now I just need ppl to start buying!! lol

Can't wait till i receive that first enquiry email! hehehe


kimmysia said...

Cheers... I'll pass on the news.

Chiwi said...

Thanks Kimmy!!! Shout it to the world !! Let the whole world know!! We City A1 ppl are the best!! :) Gosh sounds like a communist! lol

aida said...

wah so nice! i also want...hehehe i will pass the news also, the bellus is it? nice color also

yvy said...

hey chiwi!! :) jsut read at ted's blog that u read my blog. hehehe.....nice to know. ur nick is vaguely familiar - u dont comment much on my blog do you, you silent stalker you...:P

anyway, just wanted to say thanks for reading me. :) tc!