Monday, April 28, 2008

It's all in the FOG!

Well... my MIL was suppose to fly out today but Auckland Airport was fogged out.. so she doesn't arrive till Wednesday, which is also my 31st Birthday.. I've always told my hubby that I wanted a baby b4 I turn 31.... hehehe so is MIL going to make it? Is Hubby going to make it down to KLIA that day and back without me going into labour?? :p

To be continued... ??? hehehehe

Well.. Kaitlyn was a 29 hour baby, from water-breaking, till she was pushed out. The amazing thing was that she waited till both my mum and Jake's mum was just at the door of the labour room, to come out, so they both heard her first cry!

Caleb, was 9 hours, Jake had a meeting to go to at about 11 am, and my mum was to come take over so Jake could go home and freshen up, well.... she turned up 5 mins after I delivered.

So.. I won't be surprise if this one comes just as MIL arrives in Sitiawan with hubby. So it's all in the FOG!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

I wanna go!!

Was going to sneak off to KL tomorrow, and pick up my mother-in-law from the airport on Monday night with the kids!! But ... doesn't look like it is going to happen!! Doc says unless I wanna have the baby in KL, sure.. go ahead! But.. but... I wanna GO!!!!!! sigh....

So it looks like Jake is going to have to go by himself on Monday, and come back straight away after he picks up his mum. Which should be 9 - 10 hours. That was also how long it too me to deliver my son.. so fingers crossed nothing much will happen in the 10 hours!! :)

I WANNA GO!!!!! :p

On a lighter note, it was our wedding anniversary a week ago, this was the first year we remembered to celebrate our wedding anniversary, hehehe after 5 years! So we went out to FullPan and had Ong, the owner and the chef, to make us a special Lobster Dinner. It was Yummy!!! I totally forgot to bring my camera with me!! But am going to try and remember to bring it this Wednesday, am turning 31!!!!

I'm so over being pregnant... and I'm so not! Is it the hormone talking?? :) I'm over it becoz she is getting pretty big in there, already heavier than both the other 2 when they were born. And I'm constantly tired!! But then.. this could be the last time I'm going to get pregnant! ( hehehe want another boy la! )

Anyway.. brain is going mush.. need rest.. Have a great weekend, and week ahead guys!

Monday, April 14, 2008

3 more weeks??

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These are some shots we took over the weekend!

Well... If she decides to come early like her sister, she should be here in 2 weeks!!! And if she is like her brother, she will be 3 weeks away.. and then, she might be herself and decides to come next week or in 4 weeks time???
I kinda wanna get it over and done with, but then in saying that... AM I READY FOR 3?!!?! KIDS!?!?!?! hehehehe

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The little one is not so LITTLE!


AND 6 more weeks to go!!!
She put on 700 grams in the last 2 weeks.. at the rate that she is going she is going to be a whole 4.4kg????