Monday, April 28, 2008

It's all in the FOG!

Well... my MIL was suppose to fly out today but Auckland Airport was fogged out.. so she doesn't arrive till Wednesday, which is also my 31st Birthday.. I've always told my hubby that I wanted a baby b4 I turn 31.... hehehe so is MIL going to make it? Is Hubby going to make it down to KLIA that day and back without me going into labour?? :p

To be continued... ??? hehehehe

Well.. Kaitlyn was a 29 hour baby, from water-breaking, till she was pushed out. The amazing thing was that she waited till both my mum and Jake's mum was just at the door of the labour room, to come out, so they both heard her first cry!

Caleb, was 9 hours, Jake had a meeting to go to at about 11 am, and my mum was to come take over so Jake could go home and freshen up, well.... she turned up 5 mins after I delivered.

So.. I won't be surprise if this one comes just as MIL arrives in Sitiawan with hubby. So it's all in the FOG!


Sue said...

Good luck again...haha...
Happy Birthday!! keep us updated..

yvy said...

CONGRATULATIONS DEAR!!!!! :) when did u pop n pix please!!!! :D xoxoxoxox

o, belated happy birthday dear. :D

MonkeyWong said...

Can't wait to see your baby