Friday, January 25, 2008

Overdue Pictures!

These were taken last weekend by a close friend of my brother, that just got a new 40D!! Thanks Phillip!
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Saturday, January 12, 2008

I need SLEEP!!!

It's been a busy, busy year so far! And it's only 18 days into it~ :)

I really, really need some good nights sleep!!! Now that the kids have their own room, my daughter comes into our room in the middle of the night and asks "Daddy, can I go to the toilet, please?" ... (hehehe.. no, we don't torture her and told her to ask for our permission to go to the toilet, 'thou one would think we do, coz she would come in at least once a night to ask us for permission.)

THEN, it would be my son going "Mummy... I like you, I like your bed, I like sleeping with you..." And he does it so well with his puppy eyes. He has somehow caught on to "'Mummy/Daddy/Nanna/GongGong, I LIKE YOU,.... (gives you a hug then his request)..." with his puppy eyes, he has got it down to the T with that..

Well.. I have arrange for my brother's friend to take some belly shots, and some family portraits for us tomorrow evening around the house... so.. pictures are coming! :)

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy 2008!!!

We've finally moved into the new house, and have been living in it since 15th Dec. Yay!! But there are still a lot of touching up to do: putting pictures up; getting the pond washed and ready; getting more furnitures; getting things to work, ie, the water features; touching up on paints; bah.. an endless list, really.

Doesn't help with me being pregnant, can't get down and dirty doing things, have to wait and relay on others to get it done for me! It's really frustrating. And JUST as I am feeling better and was getting into things yesterday... I fall and am now suffering from a really sore bum-bum, back and lower abdominal. Hopefully I just gave the little one a little roller-coaster ride. So far no bleeding or anything, just sore! :p

BAH... and I've gained like 2 kg in less then a month, now that the morning sickness is gone!!! NO~~~~ Must have been the Christmas turkey!!! :p It was amazing, the same pants I could wear it the day b4 and the NEXT day!! hehehehe

This weekend we are having a house blessing on Saturday, which means... MORE FOOD! And it doesn't end there!! On SUNDAY, yeap the next day, we are having a 70th birthday celebration for my dad's mum, and there will be like 300 ++ ppl coming around to our house.. and not to forget MORE FOOD! We are catering from our favourite steakhouse, so over RM3500 worth of steak, lamb,seafood and desert; curry from our favourite indian curry house; 2000 sticks of Satay; 1000 bowls of cendol; fried noodles and rice from our favourite chinese caterer.. sigh.. another 3 kg from this coming weekend??!!!

ANYWAY!! Happy New Year everyone!! Hope you have a healthy, wealthy, wonderful year ahead and many more!! :)