Friday, January 25, 2008

Overdue Pictures!

These were taken last weekend by a close friend of my brother, that just got a new 40D!! Thanks Phillip!
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yvy said... nice!!! we never got any pix taken when ella was still in the the collage - how u do arr?

Chiwi said...

yvy : I never got any pictures done while #1 or #2 was in the tummy, so since this is the last one, I thought I had to!! :) You will still have your chance with your next one la! hehehehe (I love PICASA!!)

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora said...

Chiwi, those pictures spoke a thousand beautiful words and more! U look so sexy with your pregnant belly, must say the photographer is very good! Thx for sharing it with us = ) Hugs for a good & relaxing weeeknd.

KJMiller said...

Beautiful family collage! Were those pictures taken at your new house? Very nice.

When is your due date?

Cat Cat said...

Nice family picture Chiwi... Love them all. Beautiful family.

Good luck and safe delivery of your 3rd one.

Sue said...

Beautiful, gorgeous look good pregnant! Hehe..

Ms eNVy said...

LOVE the pics! Thanks for sharing! and you look awesome pregnant :) I look completely hopeless heheheh..

Chiwi said...

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora : Thanks! I still look ok probably due to I have not pile on the weight just yet! hahaha

KJMiller : Thanks.. Most of it was taken in our room.

CatCat : Thanks Babe!

Sue : Should see me from 6 months onward! hahaha that's why I took it so early.

Ms eNVy : More months to go, more weight to gain! sigh.. :p

MOnkeyWOng said...

Awesome! Happy Chinese New Year!