Friday, February 01, 2008

The Things that comes out of BamBam's mouth..

Kaitlyn is forever checking herself out in any mirror or any reflection that she sees... So.. last night at dinner, she was doing the same thing...

Maddog : Are you checking yourself out in the reflection again, Kaitlyn.

Kaitlyn : Hehehehehe

BamBam : (to Maddog) So do you! (back into his food again).

Everyone else : HAhahahahaha

Maddog : D*mn! Offsprings!

2 mins later....

Kaitlyn bust a blood vessel in her eye while she was sleeping the other night..

Kaitlyn : Daddy, why did this happen to my eyes?

Daddy : It only happens to ppl that lie, did you lie??

Bambam : BamBam lie down sleeping every night.

Everyone : hahahahahaha


Sue said...


Ms eNVy said...

*LOL* sometimes I wonder how my hubby survives with so many smarty pants in my house! hahaha .. It's like the other day .. he was telling my little girl to hurry up because we were going out .. and she gave him the best one liner in the world "I'm a girl!" .. just looked at my dearest and said 'enough said' :D

mistyeiz said...

ok, that is hilarious! lol =P kids.... :D anyway, gong xi fa cai to u!!! *muaks*