Sunday, June 17, 2007

Bah Ham Bug!

Looks like there will be no holidays for the next 2 years!

Maddog has once again changed his direction and going with Interior Design this time. (3.5k) + My courses (about 8k) + Maddog's Optician course(another 35k)+ bedroom set(8k)+ I want another bambino next year(yes the bio clock is still ticking away) = NO MORE HOLIDAYS! ZERO! LING-DAN! KOSONG! BAH HAM BUG!

Anyone out there with any money making idea? Free Holiday packages??

Well I guess I will just have to write 205 posts @ US$5 for his ID course, 205 posts @ US$10 for my course. And pay the rest by Credit Card! hahaha :p


Simple American said...

You wanna another wee bairn and go to school too? *pengsan*

Go get em Chiwi!!!

aida said...

believe it or not, we are expecting again. total shock and almost pengsan when i saw the test. this babe due jan or feb 2008. i dont hv my dating u/s yet so dont know how far along... so scared ler!

Hijackqueen said...

Have you watch that Singaporean movie - Money not enough? Eventually you will want more and more.

p/s: Congrats Aida. I know how you felt. That total shock still fresh in my mind. lol.

Chiwi said...

SA : We will all eventually get them all! muahahahaha

Aida : Congrats babe!! Better to get them(sleepless nites, nappy changes..etc) all over and done with while you are still young! :p

HQ: Yes.. the more you earn the more you spend.. sigh..