Saturday, June 30, 2007


Eczema/or any form of rashes, is a way our body expels toxins, when the liver and kidney cannot handle it anymore, becoz they themselves are overloaded with toxins. GPs normally will dispense hydrocortisol, and even antibiotics ( and you know how I feel about those things). Anyway.. need I repeat again that the above would only suppress the eruption and drive more toxins inward, and may even result in something else, or the rashesto surface somewhere else.

Detox is again the best solution here. Of coz it would be hard for younger children to do, or even go thru a detox.. So here are some things that you can consider... Vit B complex, E, D Kelp, Zinc, Biotin. Herbs such as chaparral, goldenseal, dandelion & myrrh. Eat a high fibre diet, avoid ALL DAIRY, proccessed food, fats &food with raw eggs - as they all contain avidin which stops biotin from being absorbed. AND not to forget plenty of clean water!!!


MonkeyWong said...

Soon later, u will become health expert :P

Chiwi said...

I hope so.. I've still got 6 more assignments to finish with this Nutritional Therapy, then onto Clinical Herbalism!

Simple American said...

Oh God. Just kill me. I eat cheese everyday!

*looks for Grim Reaper*