Monday, June 18, 2007

No return now!

Your Career Personality: Capable, Friendly, and Energetic

Your Ideal Careers:

Advertising Executive
Television Reporter

Ok.. the payment has gone through.. There is no turning back now~~~

Argh.. Am I going to have the time to study? Am so excited yet so terrified!!! ARGH!! I'm a student again! So is Maddog! (He has also faxed through his application form to the College of Interior Design.) Back to those student days, late nights, partying, drinking, stress and hand in assignments! Opps... I forgot, we've got kids! So have to cut it down to only, 'late-night-stressing-over-handing-in-assignments!

Here is the list of the papers that I've enrolled myself in:
#1 Nutritional Therapy
#2 Clinical Herbalism Diploma
#3 Iridology
#4 Gentle Touch Aroma
#5 Holistic Back Practitioner
#6 Hand Reflexology / Vibrational Medicine (Can't decide on which course to take at this point)


Simple American said...

Good luck to you both. I remember studying for my Masters with kids and then the CPA exam. It is really tough, but doable.

Instead of drinking now you get to change diapers. haha said...

Study hard, you 2 can make it!
Good luck :P

jiunnli said...

oh my gosh...
sound so scary...
but u are going to be a great student, no doubt! =)