Saturday, June 30, 2007

Balancing Your health.

How you would balance acid and alkali on an everyday basis?

Our everyday diet consists of acid-forming and alkaline forming foods. However with today's society the normal diet consists of far too much meat, fat and sugar and not enough vegetables and fruit. Therefore we consume too much acid forming food rather than alkaline forming food. A lot of health conditions are caused by long-term acid/alkaline imbalance; in another words, it is important to maintain a neutral balance if we want to live healthily.

The following are simple ways to reduce the acidity of your system.
(With foodstuffs, one would never go wrong with 80% alkaline-forming food, and 20% acid-forming food.)

  1. Avoid carbonated drinks. Carbon Dioxide is second to none when it comes to acidifying your system.

  2. No Sugar. It has no nutritional value at all, and when you use too much sugar, it acts basically like a poison to your system. Supposed 'health foods' which contain sugar are simply not healthy for you. Sugar is one of the main causes for a permanent disruption of the acid/alkaline balance and is responsible for a large number of other health problems like obesity, candida and diabetes.

  3. Drink water. Mineral water. Not tap water, as it normally contains chemicals that will add to the acidity of your system. If you have a blender, fresh fruit or vegetable juice is almost excellent. NOT the pre-made stuff from the supermarket - they contain too much sugar!

  4. Exercise and sleep. Regular exercise lets the body eliminate more acid from the body. Get enough sleep. Your body eliminates acid while you sleep. The less you sleep, the less acid you eliminate.

  5. As people age, the digestive system weakens. The result can be nutritional deficiencies in the body, even when the diet is adequate. It is not just what you eat, but what you absorb that is important. To improve your digestion, it may be helpful to take supplementary hydrochloric acid (in the form of 'betaine hydrochloride'), digestive enzymes and bile with each meal. Bromelain, the enzyme in fresh pineapple, is very helpful. I suggest eating fresh pineapple regularly.

  6. Stay away from aluminium. This will increase your zeta potential, which is the negative overall charge of your blood. Since blood is a colloidal solution, this charge is important in that it keeps the cells and nutrients in suspension. Aluminium reduces the zeta potential in your system.

Supplements that are strongly alkaline like calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium should be taken. Calcium needs vitamin D in order to be absorbed and utilised and also vitamin C tablets to help calcium dissolve faster. Magnesium, found in green leafy plants, which today's people don't take a lot of, should be taken twice as much as the calcium supplement. Therefore we need to increase the amount of green vegetables and fruit in our diets. But then, this is nothing new, as doctors and nutritionists have been telling us this for years!

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