Friday, June 22, 2007

Take the time....

Take the time to work, for it is the price of success
Take the time to think, it is the source of strength
Take the time to play, it is the secret of youth
Take the time to read, it is the seed of wisdom
Take the time to be friendly, for it brings happiness
Take the time to dream, for it will carry you to the stars
Take the time to love, it is the joy of life
Take the time to be content, it is the music of the soul

~Old Irish Text~

Time is what I need! I have tried to finish my 3rd assignment for 3 days now! Haven't had a chance to sit down to think!!! Argh!!!!! So frustrated!!

Every chance I get to sit down in front of the computer, "Dee, can you call this company to order this"; sits down less then 2 mins ; "You've got a call from so-and-so company" ; Sits down (1 min); "Mummy, can you come and teach me my homework"; sits down; "Kak, got customer wants to check eyes" 2 hours later; sits down; "Mummy, BamBam Susu(milk)" !!! ARGH!!! I don't know how to time manage this!

I finish work at 8, by the time I get home, have dinner, shower, it's already 9pm... play with the kids for a while, put them to sleep, Kaitlyn is good, she sleeps latest by 10:30, but BamBam!!! That night owl doesn't go down til i switch off all the lights and stay really quiet at 11pm, any sooner he would play and play and play! By that time I'm DONE! I can't take 2 hours off work or from my kids to study during the day time! Well I can, but I've got NO where to go. Work is where my computer is, and also where my kids are.

Any suggestions ppl?? I need help!!!


De Kiwi said...

Guess we forgot to ask dad to build a quite study/work room in the new house :P

Don't play the victim lah! U are in charge of your own destiny. Tell mum, dad, kaitlyn and caleb, and jake that you must not be disturbed on mon, wed, fri, 3 times a week for 2 hours (say from 12-2pm) unless the building is on fire or something. You can do your work at Elsit or go to the library [yes i know it's really old and bad, but it's better than staying at home with distractions]! The important thing is to start ENFORCING it! Turn off your cellphone! Chase people away!

You think studying is so easy meh? :P Bwahaha, u finally feel my pain.

Farah said...

Go home for 2 hours and lock the door to your room. Install streamyx and buy a wireless router. Steal Jake's laptop. Thee hee hee.
Good luck!

Hijackqueen said...

"Dig a hole in the ground and buried yourself". I'll call you during dinner time. teheehee...

Simple American said...

Unplug the phone and velcro the kids to the wall. :P

It is tough. Remember my little bitty kids when I studied. Sometimes I read them from the accounting story book. Its weird but it works.