Friday, June 20, 2008

Coming up to 6 Weeks!

Wow.. we are nearly up at 6 weeks.. time seems to be on a jet plane passing me by, loud, but fast.
Breastfeeding is getting easier, Thank Goodness! :) I've always told myself that it will be better after 3 weeks.. and sure enough the pain went away A DAY after 3 weeks :p (Hubby has been ready 'The Law of Attraction', so I don't know if it is all in my mind or it really does go away after 3 weeks, know what I mean?) Anyway.. We were planning to go to KL on the 16th June, but I still had a little problem with the breast producing enough milk or know when to produce it, so I was pretty nervous about going, but in the end we decided to go anyway, and sure enough there wasn't any problems at all with the 'supply'. And that was 1 DAY after 5 weeks... :) So for all your ladies out there that are struggling or looking at breastfeeding, IT DOES GET BETTER, even when it doesn't seem like it at that time! :p

Well.. we've got all the details of what Visa we have to apply for to get to OZLAND. YUP, we are leaving for OZLAND. Hubby is leaving on the 10th July, a day after his birthday. (He says he will be updating his blog more often with his 'what-abouts'.)

We will heading to PERTH! That is where to $$$ is at the moment, with the mining, oil and gas. We've been given a chance by some friends of ours to try and get into the oil and gas sector, so we are going to grab the opportunity and give it a try. Some of these guys are earning like 1270 USD a day! (I'm like THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Just Show Me the MONEY!! ehehehe) But then, they do have 15 years of experience. :) Lets see, Jake is 32 now, 32 + 15 = 47 ... still do-able :p

Well he will be first, to find a job, secure the job, save up some money, buy a car and look for a place to rent. He has to get all that done first before the kids and I head over, which should be around Sept. We might leave Kaitlyn here with my parents till we have sorted out her school for next year, since we are planning to come back for Christmas, as my cousin is getting married on Boxing Day. So.. one less return ticket to buy just for now. And by the time we go back to OZLAND after Christmas AirAsia will be up and flying :)

Jake and I have always had some trust issues going, so the 2 months separation is going to be interesting, and fun. So look out for lots of Venting and Ranting! :p


mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora said...

A very brave move indeed Chiwi! My best wishes and best of luck for everything, the job, the money, the kids and eventually the big move ; ) Hugs xxx Mush

Aida said...

best of luck! at least ozland more closer to NZ eh.

Sue said...

Good much to do after giving birth eh..

Simple American said...

Six weeks already. Congratulations on the new family member.

Best of luck with the move to Oz. Hope all goes well with that.

I read this and I am glad my missus does not blog. My ears burn just imagining what she might write. Major venting and ranting for sure. Oh well. Such is married life.

yvy said...

woohooo!!!! coming over eh? yay!!! we will be a WEE bit closer. hehehe!

Ms eNVy said...

Good luck with the move !

As for the venting and ranting..well I tend to do tht even after three kids :)

Anonymous said...

hey diana,
can i come visit you one of these days?
i am back =)
let me know, this is my number, sms me or something?
I am sorry i dun have your number=(
take care =)

Cant wait ti see kiera and the rest =)

Hijackqueen said...

Oh, we might be seeing each other in Perth then. Probably next year. Sweetie, sometimes woman think too much. Try to loosen up a bit. I"m not good with words. Sorry.