Friday, December 30, 2005

This year...

Gosh, it's already end of another year!

  1. Jan - Start of our school as Cambridge English for Life; Last month alone with Kaitlyn, and End of pregnancy with Caleb.
  2. Feb - Dad's Birthday Dinner; The birth of Caleb, the very next day after dinner; Chinese New Year at the hospital for Caleb's jaundice
  3. March - Struggles with Breast-feeding.
  4. April - Turned 28!! Argh..
  5. May - Back in NEW ZEALAND!!
  6. June - Caleb start moving around in the walker; Haze; Lost my new phone.
  7. July - Jin's Wedding; London Bombing; Caleb's First tooth; Meeting the ladies on BabyCenter.
  8. Aug - Caleb sitting and crawling; more teeth for Caleb.
  9. Sept - Kaitlyn's first ballet lesson and first visit to the dentist; NZ election; Caleb gets 2nd prize at Billion's baby contest(1st boy)
  10. Oct - Deepavali and Raya.
  11. Nov - Kaitlyn turns 3!!!(OMG!!); Caleb gets 2nd at Fajar's Baby Contest(1st boy).
  12. Dec - Mr. BamBam Walking all by himself; Christmas; been breastfeeding Caleb for 10 months now.
Wow.. Looking back it's been a busy year!!

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