Thursday, December 01, 2005

Christmas is just around the corner again!

Mmmmmmm.... ChristMan!!
I know I wouldn't mind that for Christmas!
Gosh... Christmas is once again around the corner. Caleb is turning 10 months tomorrow, Kaitlyn is now 3 years old. We planned to go back to NZ for Christmas this year, we planned for that to happen last year too... But.. I was pregnant with Caleb and was a bit too big to travel with comfort then, this year.. we were suppose to meet up with Hamish, Jacob's best friend, and his new family back in NZ for Christmas... not enough $$$ as we have already been back in NZ in May, plus we are saving for our UK trip, Hamish's Wedding, next year. So... No Chirstmas in NZ this year. After UK, I don't think we would be able to afford Christmas in NZ next year either! With 3 weddings next year, 2 at the end of the year round christmas time. so... there goes another year..

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