Monday, November 28, 2005

Most Photogenic Baby Contest - Fajar

Caleb came in 2nd as well for the Fajar Most Photogenic Baby Contest.
Here are all our prizes... we had a huge hamper(3 packs of pampers, yay, I don't have to buy them for another 1 or 2 months! some clothes, more bottles, more feeding sets, more body powder, more shampoos and baby bath! These all are saving me heaps!!), another pram,( this would be our 3 one from winning contests, so we have got 4 prams for 2 kids :p ) 200Ringgit Gift Voucher, a tin of Milk Powder, a 3 mega pix digital camera, his winning picture and trophy!

Kenneth, Caleb's twin brother, older by 11 hours, got Consolation Prize as well with Fajar.

Here is one of Caleb doing his thing! Nanna and Gong-Gong was waving their hands in the air to get Caleb's attention, so he joined in with the waving and cheering!

The Hamper was so huge that it couldn't even fit into the CRV's boot!!!


carboncopy said...

Wow, at 10 months old, can earn a living for himself. :)

Congratulations! You the man (Caleb). Cute man.

Is the 4 prams 2 kids meaning two more kids coming?

Chiwi said...

If and when I can convince my hubby to have 2 more! I don't mind, but he does! Maybe I can have them without him knowing.. hehehhee