Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Kaitlyn Turns 3!!

Gosh.. was it a long day!
Jacob had a class at 9am in the morning so, we basically had only 5 mins with the bday girl b4 we had to rush out the door.
It took Jocyee(my brother's girlfriend) and I about 1 hour and 2 shops later to find this pretty little barbie doll cake.

So right after Jacob finishes his afternoon class, we rushed off to pick up the cake and off to see our little bday girl!
"Yeh-yeh"aka Poppa and "Nai-Nai" aka Granna got to join in the celebration thanks to Today's Modern Tecnology. Naming the MSN Video Conferencing

It was pretty hard keeping the kids away of the icing!! The bday girl had her share of icing and chocolate decorations.

She had lots of prezzies, some are even all the way from NZ (Great Grand Nanna, Yeh-yeh and Nai-Nai's, Minky)and not to forget a card from Unki Moo-Moo, in London.

Kaitlyn's God Mother, Minky, send her the wings, so she made us hold her up so that she could fly! Thanks Minky!! ;p

The Bday girl had a great time! She was out like a light by 9 pm! Slept like a baby! Didn't wake up once during the night!

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