Friday, November 04, 2005

Government supports plan to get non-Muslims to wear tudung

Dr Ongkili said he would follow up on the matter with the ministry, adding that it would not come to a stage where all non-Muslims would be forced to wear the tudung.

Huh?!?!? What's this?!?! Click on the Title and it would lead you to the article in "The Star". I'm leaving if that happens!

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De Kiwi said...

that was just for IIU, so i don't think you have to worry about them making it compulsory for everyone, unless you live in the muslim states in Malaysia.

seems to be taking a step back from progress rather than moving on. The tudung is directly associated with Islam just like the skull cap is with Judaism. Would they agree if we made everyone walk around wearing skullcaps on the pretense of uniformity? I say just make everyone wear sombrero's and we'd all be happy :)