Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fuzzy Little Kiwi..

Who would have thought that a little green fruit with fuzzy brown skin would help your heart big time?

Kiwifruit appear to put the kibosh on artery-clogging plaques in two ways: They help lower triglyceride levels, and they reduce platelet clumping. The platelet effect could be particularly good for your ticker: Although platelets aid in blood clotting, when these cells stick together too much, it could set the stage for a heart attack or stroke.

You may be surprised to learn a kiwi has more vitamin C than an orange, beats bananas for potassium, and is chock-full of vitamin E and magnesium.

Eating 5 servings of fruit a day can make your RealAge 1.4 years younger.

So ladies!!! Go out and get your KIWIssss!!! :)


Anonymous said...

hey stumbled upon ur blog while going thru blogs of ppl.

Mel T

MonkeyWong said...

Kiwifruit, my favourite!

Chiwi said...

Hi Miss Tyndall : NZ on Sunday huh?? Hope you have fun!!! :)

MW : Yummy.. yummy... should move to NZ to get the 'real' ones!!! Those they have here are not as nice as the ones we get in NZ!! :)

little prince said...

love kiwi.. yummy~

dawn said...

my father-in-law would so agree with your blog:-) they are growers in the north island and are super proud of their fruit:-)

eat more kiwi fruits!