Saturday, July 19, 2008

Wow.. 9 weeks tomorrow..

Well.. little Keira is going to be 9 weeks tomorrow.. she is now, I think, getting use to the big wide world, as she screams a little less these days. :p None of my other kids screams like she does when they were her age. Maybe she feels mummy's PPD hormones going all over the place and is helping mummy scream to release some of the frustration?? :p

Yup, you heard right, I've got PPD(Post-Natal Depression). Mild case.. I hope! (After 3 kids and 1 miscarriage, I think I'm entitled to experience it just once! hehehe... ) I do have days when everything that comes into my mind is just very negative and I totally cannot shake it at all. That explains probably why I reacted the way I did in the last post! :p BUT I still believe that my reaction is justified! :p But anyhow, after many days of silence treatment and cold shoulder, Maddog has 'decided' to stay back a while longer. He is now leaving on the 14th of Aug.

My parents are now both in New Zealand, mum left 4 days ago. So we have the whole big house to ourselves and that also means that I'm back to work, 10am-8pm. I am definitely not looking forward to when Maddog leaves. I won't have a mad-dog to send on the kids when they are misbehaving, as they are not afraid of me. Plus I won't have a driver to send and pick the kids up from school. I will pretty much have 40 days of 3 kids, a 96 year old grandmother, a big house and a full time job to take care of all by my little self. As my parents will only be back here in Malaysia on the 20th Sept.

I am hoping to join Maddog in Perth on the 27th of Sept, got a wedding to attend on the 4th Oct. But still it all depends on how much can Maddog save b4 we get there as we will be starting off from 0. (well not really 0, but -10k on credit card)

Got to feed the little one.. update later!


Dawn said...

hi there,

i stumbled on your website a few months ago when i was randomly searching for something related to 'weddings and kiwi culture'. i am malaysian and have recently married the love-of-my-life, who is from new zealand:-)

i really admire you...3 kids, a full time job, a granny take care are an amazing woman and you better know that!

if there is one thing the last few months has taught me is that everything will work out fine. hang in there and have a fabulous week ahead!


Chiwi said...

Hi Dawn, thanks for dropping by again. :) I had a good friend named Dawn as well when I was in Sunway College, way back :) Always loved the name!

I totally agree that everything will work out fine, I just have to be patient and ride the wave. :)

Anonymous said...


Been a silent reader for sometime. I can totally relate to your situation...a full time job, 3 kids to care is taxing but you'll be alright once you get the hang of it. I am in KL with 3 kids and hubby is in O&G based in kinda gotten use to it already.


Ms eNVy said...

I really know where you are coming from .. it is hard to be single handedly managing the household .. even if the arrangement is a temp one.. I felt tht when I had my third one - by the third week of giving birth to her , I had to be doing everything and anything .. and it was extremely hard! .. Most times I'll either be screaming or crying in my closet .. wanting to get away from it all .. BUT it will get better somehow albeit ... SLOW! ;) *hugs*

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora said...

I shall pray that all things will come in smoothly for you babe. I can understand your PPD, i would get one too having known that i'll be left on my own devices with 3 kids!! But i can sense that u r one brave women, strong and very independant thus i am sure u'll keep it all together. Women usually are at their strongest when the situation is the most challenging Chiwi. Big couraging hugs to you, glad u wrote an update was wondering about u for a while there ; )

Sue said...

I hope that things will go well for you...
Don't worry so much..just look on the positive side...
That's what I do when things get hard here and no one to help..etc..

yvy said...

hey woman! glad to see u back to blogging. how time flies n kiera will be 9 weeks!!! so fast...PPD or not, u had every right to what you thought. in any case, you very dahsyat! sure will be ok - stay strong n see u down under soon! ;) give us a holler k?

MonkeyWong said...

You will be fine, I know you could handle it!

Chiwi said...

Pamela : Hi hi! Thanks for listening to my vents! :p it's so good to know that other ppl can do it!Hehehe.. maybe you might move to Perth one day as well due to the big boom in the mining industry, so we could be neighbours! hehehe

Ms eNVy : Yes, I hear you.. think I will have to decorate a corner just for me to scream or cry! :p

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora : Thanks for the hugs and the support! I am brave, I am Strong, I am very nonindependent! I WANT MAIDS!! :p

Sue : Positive! Positive! All is well!

yvy : you coming to visit??? YAY!!

MW : I'll be fine! I'll be fine once I find a maid there! hahaha :p

Hijackqueen said...

Once upon a time I was like that. All 3 kids by myself as hubby works outstation a lot. It was a mad world at the beginning but you will get used to it after a while when all thing adjusted. Take care, Sweetie.