Friday, October 24, 2008

What's been happening...

Well... I'm actually blogging this post on my bed from my phone... which I'll explain later...

We took the 888 package and stayed at the First world hotel at Genting. RM78 per room, per night. So we took 2 rooms for 2 nights. For whoever that is planning to go stay at First World, please, please book for the World Class Rooms. We made the mistake of going cheap!! hehehe... and nearly ended up queing, you actually have to take a number for checking in!!?! Our number was 1413 n the number on the display was 740!!?!?!? And they have 31 check in counters!!!?! Ok.. we just had a long drive, kids' tired, we're hungry,so.. had to think fast, very fast!! :p Typical chinese la! So.. we went to the World Class Room counters, 2 counter that doesn't have a queue or numbers! Asked how much would it cost us to upgrade to their World Class Room.. In
between asking questions to the wonderful, cute little boy behind the counter, :p , telling him we hadn't expect such long queues to check it, NEVER seen such long queues to anything, REALLY! I had to pretend that I was running after the kids, trying to settle the baby, telling the kids that we will go eat as soon as we check it... blah blah blah.. Found out that there are 6118 rooms in this hotel and pretty much this full every day!!! AND even if we were to upgrade to just the superior deluxe, it would cost us RM550 more for just 2 nights... we were like.. "hell we can't afford that... guess we will just have to get back in line to wait for our number... what's the number now? 770? ok.. so that's like 30 numbers every 20 mins.. we can do it...(of coz with those cat-eyes from Sharek) ". The Wonderful, cute boy behind the counter checked us in right there and then!!! THANK YOU GOD!!! hahaha

So when we got to the rooms..... Well, think we expected too much for what we paid... hehehe.. The rooms were so, so musty.. guess it doesn't help either with both me n Bambam having a cold. It just pretty much made all our throat worst.. But luckily, we spend most of out time outside of the room.. We went to have a very very expensive lunch at Burger King, then walked around a little bit.. went to Snow World, so the kids got an exposure of the coldness... Then we got some Pizza to take back to the room, as we didn't have any passes to have the kids go on any rides, so didn't wanna torture them anymore than we had to.. When we walked past the lobby, it hadn't even got to our 1413!!!

Overall.. great trip I would say! :) World Class Room the next trip, Thanks! :p

Right.. that was a week ago now? or 2? hm.. I've been hit in the head with something,I swear, but no one saw it! First, it started off like an electric shock, in the size of a blood vessel, from the back of the ear shooting up to the side of the head. It would electrocute me every 20 seconds in clusters, then it would stop for a min or 2, then it starts again. "Igonore it, it would go away after a good night's rest". But my dear little Keira decided to wake up every hour to feed.. so there goes the good night's rest! So day 2, the shooting pain, from the vessel size has increase to the thickness of a donut and the pain is a little more intense.
The doctor reckons it's Shingles... so.. he gave me some pain relieve for nerves to-go, so we went home to wait for the rashes or blisters to show up to confirm it's Shingles. By the 3rd day, still no rashes or blisters.. The PAIN was like someone hitting me in the head with a bat, every 20 seconds! And so we went back to the doctors! He said that he could either start me on the Shingles, anti-viral med. or I should check myself in to a private hospital in Ipoh to get a MRI and a neurologist to look at it.
You know me.. I hate hospital and private?? That would cost an arm and a leg if not 2! So.. I've got my pills and Xanax. The pain has lessen, unless the pain killer is wearing off.. hehehe so I guess the anti-viral pill is working, thank god, no rashes or blisters... :)
I am relax and peaceful becoz I trust the process of life, All is well in my world.
Blah.. during all my drama, little old Sitiawan, well it's not that old anymore, or little, we have McDonalds now ok?? Sitiawan actually got flooded again. AND I totally missed it AGAIN!! The last time it got flooded was when I was 13, I wanted to experience flood so much that I went to Kelatan, the state that always floods during the rainy season, and the one year that I was there.. NONE!!!! Instead that year, while I was away, Sitiawan was flooded!
This time, Right outside out house!! I WAS IN BED! Couldn't get up! AND missed it all AGAIN!!! Blah!

So here I am.. in bed.. ranting away! :p


mº¿ºsh, brecht and nora said...

oh my goodness chiwi, what an eventful u hv had! i wish u speedy recovery and lets hope its nothing serious! Will take note of the q number thingy at the said hotel ; )

sue said...

Glad to hear that you are recovering...didn't know you like to experience flood...hehehe

Aida said...

lol, i too know having kids seems to always get me faster in queues and also best seats on the plane! and of course tons of politeness ler.

hope you are feeling better soon.