Friday, April 06, 2007

My House, My Castle!

By the time we save enough money to buy a house, we would be paying for a castle!! It's just ridiculous what a house cost in NZ !!

House prices up $2000 a day

Auckland's average house sale price jumped by $60,000 in one month or almost $2000 a day, according to Barfoot & Thompson sales figures.

Houses sold last month for an average $564,162, up from $504,079 in February and $475,461 in January.
~ NZ Herald, Thursday April 05, 2007

Own home just a distant dream for most
A new survey shows mortgage repayments on a house could cost up to three quarters of the average take-home pay.

Central Otago Lakes (104.4 per cent of take-home pay)
Auckland (92.0 per cent)
Northland (78.3 per cent)
~ NZ Herald, Wednesday March 28, 2007

Mortgage alone is enough to kill you! 9.7%!!! Least it's living up to it's meaning of The term mortgage (from Law French, lit. death vow) What are they trying to do?? Kill off the Poor and Working class?? But wait, they support the poor, so really they just want to get rid of the working class, right??


Philip said...

hey happy good friday and happy easter!

Simple American said...

Thats unreal. So glad I live in Texas where we have so much land to build on. Hope the price drops for you.