Saturday, April 28, 2007

Isn't he adorable!

Mama: Next week we'll be going to Uncle Jacob's place for jalan-jalan.(holiday)


Mama: Yes. We'll see them again. Faaris, since when do they have 4 kids?

Faaris: Mama, MOON!!!

This was a conversation my friend had with her son. My kids calls her 'Mama' and Faaris follows my kids and calls me 'Mummy'. Faaris is such a intelligent little boy, he is only 1 days older than my son, and the talks a lot more than my little boy.

There was once when we all went to a water theme park together, Uncle Jacob(Kiwi) took Kanyn aka CheChe(Chiwi) to the showers b4 heading to the pools, 'Mama'(Malay) was still unpacking stuff, so 'Mummy'(Chinese) took the boys(BamBam(Chiwi) & Faaris(Malican=Malay+American) and followed Uncle Jacob and CheChe to the shower. As 'Mummy' was walking to the shower holding the boys hands( one on each side ), explaining to them that we have to go take a shower first, (pointing to where Daddy and CheChe are) and with CheChe yelling "Mummy! Mummy". We walked past a group of Malay ladies, they were like, "Kembar, kembar, mesti-nya kembar" (Twins, twins, those must be twins!).

While we were at the shower, 'Mama' came over and joined us, of coz Faaris yells "Mama" and then Bambam follows with another "Mama".

Gosh the looks on those ladies faces!!! Priceless!!!

Obviously the first thought that would have ran thru their mind would be 2 wives, which is acceptable if you are a Muslim (think they are allowed up to 4 wives).

BUT IF, you step back and look at the picture again: 1 white man(half naked), 1 Chinese lady(low-cut swimsuit), 1 Malay lady(modestly dressed) and 1 4years old Eurasian girl and 2 2years old Eurasian boys.

Breakdown =
  1. One needs to be a Muslim to marry another Muslim, and as a Muslim, the ladies shouldn't be showing too much skin! So, obviously the 'Mummy' can't be a Muslim.
  2. Both BOYS are the same age. Did the wife and the mistress got pregnant at the same time?
  3. If they are all married to each other, WOW, they are having fun together without killing each other? Who's the first wife then?
Bet those ladies had fun solving the riddle! And lots to gossip about for that week!


khairul said...

Dee, I love this story, it's just so funny. I bet it's even more fun if Leen & family, Farah and her brood with Aida's as well get in the picture. Í don't see you in the board anymore?

Chiwi said...

Khairul: I've been a little slack with the board! hehehe.. don't quite have enough time to catch up on all the gossips and posts!! so... hehehehe.. you know la! :) But the Macvays are heading down this way today, me and leen are going to relax for our birthday, doing girly things, and leaving the kids to the boys. You are MOST welcome to join us!! Mama and faaris will be heading down on Monday night as well! Been meaning to post it on the board, but kept getting side tracked!! Will actually go do it now!

Faaris's Mama said...

I laughed so hard that I woke Faaris up! I translated that to my mom but she was giving me the "look" - "what would people think!!!"

I love this story too! I have been meaning to post what I wrote abt the time I was there. Wait till I get over my laziness with blogging.

aida said...

HILARIOUS! I actually had to read it twice to see who is who.

Simple American said...

Would be fun to see what conclusion they made.

Reminds me of the game where you get in a circle with several people and you whisper a sentence in one person's ear and they whisper it around the entire circle. By the time it gets back to the originator, the message has totally changed.

Chiwi said...

Faaris' Mama : Thanks you to I had a great story to tell! :)

Aida : I had to read/write it a few times to make sure I got it right! hahaha

SA : Yes.. the Chinese Whisper!! hm.. why is it called the 'Chinese' whisper?? hehehehe